A contemporary romance novel featuring a born-again Christian and a scientist, exploring the interaction between religion and science, set in Kent, the garden of England.


After losing her job and having her ambitions cruelly dashed, Catriona Turner has no choice but to join her parents in a move to an unfamiliar country village.

Joining a charismatic local church, she finds purpose and meaning in a renewed Christianity.

When news of the proposed construction of a science park reaches the village, Catriona finds herself in direct confrontation with the scientist behind the proposal. She finds her new found faith threatened when discovers that her church does not have a monopoly on the moral high-ground, or the truth…

About Torn

Torn was Drew’s first full-length novel, written in 2011. In his own words it was “The story I had to write before I wrote anything else.”

Whilst it’s a dramatisation, many of the events in the book actually took place in real-life and it could be considered semi-autobiographical.

Drew was taken to church as a young child and spent a lot of time within the various denominations of Christianity.

At the same time he was receiving a thorough scientific education and the collision of these two world views is what he explores in this story, using a protagonist from either side.

Part romance, part exploration of some weighty issues, this is an in-depth story of belief, faith, dogma and the human spirit.

“A fascinating exploration of a young woman caught up in fundamentalist Christianity. I found it hard to put down. “

“The characters are multi-faceted, their actions and motivations are described with intelligence and sensitivity. I cared about them all and found myself wondering what else was going on in their lives.”

“A great story line describing how religion, science, faith, love, moral and values challenges the main character Catriona in the way she lives her life and what choices she makes.”