Contemporary Drama. Religion versus Science.

Contemporary Drama. Religion versus Science.

A Romantic drama based on the conflict between science and religion.

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It’s the best and worst of church, religion and faith. The best and worst of science. It’s about indoctrination, dogma and manipulation, even outright lies.

It’s family expectations, mis-communication and betrayal. It’s love and hate. A line drawn through a Kent village, dividing families and friends…

After losing her job and having her ambitions cruelly dashed, Catriona Turner has no choice but to join her parents in a move to an unfamiliar country village.

Joining a charismatic local church she finds purpose and meaning in a renewed Christianity.

When news of the proposed construction of a science park reaches the village, Catriona finds herself in direct confrontation with the scientist behind the proposal, but discovers that her church does not have a monopoly on the moral high ground, or the truth…


“This book takes you through a beautiful story that encompasses love, family dysfunctionality, the Christian / science conflict and a number of difficulties that the Christian way is experiencing in the modern world.”

“It’s been a while since I read a story that got me to 2am thinking “I’ll just read the next page”. There were plenty of twists to the plot to keep you guessing…”

“…a sprinkle of romance between our scientist and one of the church members and you have all the ingredients for a carefully plotted novel which transcends genre and convinces the reader with the sensitivity of its characterisation.”

“…part romance, part intriguing new ideas about scientific progress and presentation, a fascinating insight into modern religious groups with a side glance into local politics.”

“The characters are multi-faceted, their actions and motivations are described with intelligence and sensitivity. I cared about them all and found myself wondering what else was going on in their lives.”