The Lords of Midnight


The Lords of Midnight – Part 1 of the Midnight Chronicles

The land of Midnight was cursed into eternal winter many thousands of moons ago.

The survivors battle hardship, famine and war; having beaten back Doomdark, the Witchking, in a battle that lives on in legend. 

But now, at the Winter Solstice, neither the Lords of Midnight nor the Fey of the forests can resist his greatest weapon, the ice-fear.

Their only hope rests in ancient lore, the myth of a long lost house and the legend of the Moonprince.

The Lords of Midnight is an officially licensed novel based upon the original ZX Spectrum game by Mike Singleton.

The best adaptation of a computer game I’ve ever read.

Having ridden the map so many times the story is wonderfully immersive. Can see the village, picture the edge of the forest… Worth the 34 year wait.

Brilliant fantastic read, you’ve done the game, Chris and Mike so proud.

This book enthralled me from start to finish!

As a long time fan of the game, Drew Wagar has made a seamless transition from game to page with twists and turns lovers of the game will enjoy.

A fantastic read. This first of the tales of Midnight has been faithfully recounted in style.

Drew has proved himself a wordsmith of the highest calibre once again.

If you are a fan of the original games, this is for you.

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Love this book. Drew has given put some serious flesh on the characters familiar from the novellas whilst keeping in the “vibe” of them. Anyone familiar with the game will appreciate the effort gone into keeping it authentic but I think even readers with no knowledge of the game will find this a terrific fantasy read. Now if only we can get Toby Longworth to narrate the Audible version!

The signs of a good book are when you have your nose in it as much as possible and that feeling of disappointment when you finish it because you’re wanting more. This is one that definitely ticks those boxes. Thoroughly enjoyed it and polished it off in four days including a couple of late night reading sessions.

Coming at it from the point of view of a player who has roved over the lands of Midnight in the game that this is based on I would say this really brought the place to life. Bits of the lore being added in based on landmarks from the map from the game for example really helped give a depth to the story for example.

There’s not much more I can add that hasn’t been said already. This nostalgic forty something was very happy when a book of one of his all time favourite games was announced that it was going to be written and I’m pleased to say it turned out really well. Go buy it!

Drew has managed to retain the feel and narrative of the game that so many of us hold so dear. His skill and hard work shine through.

I’m a lifelong Lords of Midnight fan and have been so pleased to read this. It satisfies both my own need for it to be fantastic, and the more noble desire that it should seem to me to be an accessible fantasy book that future generations might enjoy in its own right.

Drew satisfied the former and to me, at least, it seems has achieved the latter.

It is no mean feat to take the oh-so-familiar tale, replayed millions of times by the thousands of us in our misspent youths, and craft a story that captivated me from beginning to end. We are canny old campaigners, who know every corner of the Land of Midnight and have won and (more often) lost the War of the Solstice in every manner imaginable. We are hard to please. I am invigorated by his vision. The Wise chose well!

I’ll be honest, I loved this book. Having played the original game since it was released on the ZX spectrum, this took the bare bones of the story that was in my head and fleshed it out to make the Land of Midnight come alive. It also did so without ruining the memories of those original playthroughs.

The main issue with the game is the ‘Lords’ of Midnight themselves. Due to limitations of the game at the time, they were just stats on a character sheet. What the Author has done is manage to bring these stats to life as believable characters, in addition to adding a couple of extra characters who are more sympathetic to modern sensibilities.

What I also liked is that characters from the game’s sequel, ‘Doomdark’s Revenge’, have been weaved into this story, (as well as parts of the original novellas included in the game) thus setting up the story to flow into the sequel. I’m sure that I didn’t loose that many Lords in the game that fall in the novel but it did set up some nice twists that I was not expecting in the story myself.

It manages to hit everyone of my nostalgic needs in a story I’ve been waiting for since the novelisation was ‘promised’ over 30 years ago. So, if you loved the original games, this is a story that can be considered the ‘Canon’ without it ruining your own experiences and I thoroughly recommend it.

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