The Midnight Chronicles


The “Midnight Chronicles” is a four part fantasy series based upon Mike Singleton’s seminal ZX Spectrum games: “The Lords of Midnight”, “Doomdark’s Revenge”; the PC game “The Citadel” and the unpublished “The Eye of the Moon”. 

An epic fantasy starting in the the ice-bound land of Midnight and then spreading out throughout Mike Singleton’s remarkable expansive landscape. The series follows heroes and heroines as they battle evil oppressors and wrestle with magical talismans whilst trying to protect those they love. Featuring daring quests and huge battles between mighty powers, the Midnight Chronicles is the official licensed story of Mike Singleton’s ground breaking games.

Book 1 – The Lords of Midnight, available now

Book 2 – Doomdark’s Revenge, scheduled for 2019

Book 3 – The Citadel, scheduled for 2020

Book 4-  The Eye of the Moon, being planned