12495246_948436081891810_1938017397757146762_n25 Fantastic SF Stories to stretch your imagination.

SYNTHESIS is a collection of pure SF stories written by authors from around the world, some professional, and some prize-winning newcomers.

The foreword is by none other than SF comedy legend Robert Llewellyn (Of Red Dwarf, “Kryten” fame).

The publishers wanted to try and resurrect the classic tradition of SF collections by presenting stories from professional contributors (Boris Glikman, Drew Wagar & Stuart Aken) alongside those from non-professional authors (including prize winning entries by John Hoggard, Dave Styles, Darren Grey, Pierre Le Gue, Rose Thurlbeck, Marko & Ulla Susimetsa).

The aim was recreate the feel of the classic 1950s SF anthology in the look and feel of the book too, but with a modern twist.


“Written in the Stars” – a short story by Drew Wagar, will feature in ‘Synthesis’

SYNTHESIS includes a short story written by Drew called ‘Written in the Stars’. This was originally written as a additional pledge reward for backers of Drew’s Elite: Reclamation Kickstarter in 2012.

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The charity benefiting from the proceeds of this book is Freedom from Torture. They do incredible work around the world helping victims of torture rebuild their lives. Please check out their website for more information of the vital service they provide – .