Signed Copies


Drew gets a lot of requests for signed copies of his books, which is wonderful! We are aware the stocks of original signed copies from the various print runs sell out quickly, and those finding his books later on therefore don’t have an option to get a signed copy, unless you’re able able to meet up with him at events, which┬áisn’t all that often.

Happy to sign, but make sure you include return postage and packaging!

So, if you’d like a signed copy of any of Drew’s books, it can be arranged, but it will require a little leg work on your behalf. ­čÖé Drew doesn’t hold any stock of his books unfortunately, that is the publishers job – or Amazon! Thus you need to get a copy of the book your interested in.

Here’s the process.

  1. Get a copy of the book you’re interested in from either Amazon itself, or from Fantastic Books Publishing.
  2. Purchase enough stamps to send the book to Drew and enough for him to send it back to you again.
  3. Either re-use the packaging it came from, or repackage yourself and send to Drew – contact here for the addressensuring you include the return postage. Also, let Drew know your address!
  4. When he receives it he’ll let you know, sign it and post it back.


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