Short Stories

Before Drew undertook the writing of his full length novels, he wrote an number of short stories. These have been collated into a single volume known as “Contraband.”



These stories pre-date Drew’s full length books by some degree, written whilst he was still playing around with ideas and not having yet committed to full length storytelling.

Here you will find the genesis of some of the ideas which later found their way, in full form, into the Shadeward and Hegira series, the Elect Saga and his work on Elite Dangerous.

Most are set in space, or involve space in one form or another, although one is set here on Earth in the here and now… well, mostly.

Space is a great place to tell a story, but it’s the people… what they do and what happens to them, that really make a tale.

About Contraband

These stories date back to 2006 and onwards, long before Drew published his first full length novel in 2011.

As such, they’re examples of his early work and not as fleshed out as later novels would become.

But the hallmarks of a “Drew Wagar” story are present, even in these original tales. Interesting characters, dramatic locales, a curious twists to events…

There are seven stories here, dealing with themes of time-travel, religion, parallel universes and space exploration.

If you like a Drew Wagar yarn and want something quick to read, this will hit the spot!

“It’s an interesting collection this, written prior to Drew Wagar’s major works. You can see the kernels of ideas that would go on to form the basis of Shadeward, Reclamation and the Elect Saga here. Yet, these shorts are good yarns and stand on their own as tales that will make you pause and think.”

Nine Streams of Consciousness

A new home, a new challenge.

There was nothing left we wanted to discover.

Complacent, we turned inward. We had given up on our quest to learn our place in the universe.

Then our hand was forced by fate. A calamity unforeseen.

In the struggle to survive, would we lose ourselves in myth and ignorance, or seek the answer to the greatest question: Are we alone?

About Nine Streams of Consciousness

Nine Streams of Consciousness is a collection of science fiction short stories from new and established authors, taking place in the same universe but at different times, whilst being presented in chronological order.

It was developed, written, edited, typeset and published by the coordinated efforts of those authors, working across international boundaries, few of whom had ever met in real life.

Contributing authors:

    • Drew Wagar

    • Alan R. Paine

    • Glenn R. Frank

    • John Hoggard

    • Richard R. Makinson

    • Steven Bjerke

    • Kristoffer Wiklund

    • Conner McGinnis

    • Steven M. Shaw

An intriguing and ambitious concept, well realised and thought-provoking. A very enjoyable read overall, each author brings something different to the table, and it’s great fun seeing the ways each story has been linked together to form a single narrative.

The story line was very well developed and the stories themselves are riveting! If you’re looking for a different style of writing with a great plot and solid execution, this book is it. A lot of unexpected turns, details, and each author had a slightly different writing style which adds to the experience.