Enervation is the third book in Drew Wagar’s acclaimed SF series, the ‘Shadeward Saga.’

Set on a tidally locked world in orbit about Lacaille 9352, this series is a blend of hard science fiction, post apocalyptic and fantasy genres in a plausible yet alien setting.

The past unravels, long-hidden secrets emerge into a world where ancient technology has become present-day myth.

The priestesses seek the destruction of Amar. While Coran, Meru and the crew of the Mobilis prepare to defend their home, Kiri and Zoella, estranged by rivalry and hatred, both begin to recognise the real nemesis from which no one is safe.

Entrenched myth and legend confronts barely understood scientific discovery as time pulls them all inexorably towards wholesale destruction.

“Oh wow! If you’ve read the first two books and haven’t got this book yet, just skip reading this and get the book. I’ve literally just finished reading this and am still reeling from the story.”

“This is the third time that Drew Wagar has caused me to be housebound until I complete the book!”

“Really Drew, that’s the cliffhanger you’re going to leave us with?!?! Your fingers better be on fire from working so fast to put out book four!”

“Wagar has created an amazing and believable world.”

“This is the third of the four promised in the series, and this one really was able to utilise the multiple characters that we saw develop in the first two books, putting them into dramatic action.”

Enervation (Shadeward Book 3)

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Enervation (Shadeward Book 3)

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Enervation (Shadeward Book 3)

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If you like sci-fi and/or fantasy with deep characters, you’ll love this series.

More discoveries for the Mobilis crew. More of our burning questions finally answered! More politics and plotting from the priestesses. More action and more drama with our cast of amazingly well written characterers.

Drew has one again written characters that draw you in, I care what happens to these folk! Our regular cast learn more about themselves and each other. Lots of great character development in here again, lots of “Yes!” and “Wow!” moments.

More about the Ancients is revealed to the people of Esurio as the Mobilis crew make more discoveries and share them. We finally get to know some of the “mysteries of the Ancients” and what happened when they got to Esurio. So exciting to read this!!

The relationships between Kiri, Zoella and Meru develop from where book 2 finished. This book has me jumping back and forth as to who I should be following. Tense stuff!

In this book, Amar needs defending from the relentless push of the priestesses to control Esurio. A very exciting building of forces on both sides finishes with a huge battle for Amar in what has gone in as one of my favourite books of all time.

This book is a worthy continuation of the previous two installments of the saga. Character development is great, they are absolutely loveable – the reader frinds himself rooting for everyone to get along and solve the mysteries. The story is captivating, I found it very hard to put the book down. The world is one of my absolute favourite sci-fi-fantasy creations: the way “magic” and technology is addressed is truly believeable and realistic. Can’t wait for the conclusion of the saga!

Waited a long time for this. Good continuation, does a lot to confirm things you may have already thought. Drew does a good job of reminding us of past events, for those of us that haven’t read the second book since it was released, oh so long ago. 

The idea of blending a post-technological world into with what felt like a fantasy setting intrigued me. I devoured the first two books of the Shadeward series which had been published before I was following Wagar’s writing.

I loved the way the characters developed, and the mystery of how they discovered the forgotten past of their world! This is the third of the four promised in the series, and this one really was able to utilize the multiple characters that we saw develop in the first two books, putting them into dramatic action. The urgency of their goals and emotional action in this book comes out in full force.

This novel does end at a logical pause in the overall narrative, but it also does end with some major cliffhangers… Thankfully, I understand the final book of the series is coming out soon!