The Shadeward Saga

A four part science fiction saga with a fantasy feel.


Book 1 : Emanation

A tidally locked world of eternal day and everlasting night, burning deserts and frozen wastes.

A civilisation seeks the truth about its past, long lost in vague, yet disturbing, myth and legend.

Three young people, Kiri, Meru and Zoella, begin to unlock the secrets of their world.

About Emanation

The Shadeward Saga is a 4 part science fiction story with Emanation being the first book. The story is based on real scientific research and principles, incorporating the latest thinking on the habilitability of exoplanets around other stars.

Shadeward is set on the imaginary planet Esurio, in orbit about the red dwarf Lacaille 9352, a real star just over 10 lightyears from Earth.

The planet is tidally locked, meaning one side always faces the star, and the other is plunged into eternal darkness. Only between the two extremes is life possible.

Shadeward follows the fortunes of three young individuals on this world : Kiri, Meru and Zoella, who come from very different parts of Esurio.

Kiri has a strongly religious upbringing and believes the star Lacaille is a vengeful goddess, worshipped by the mysterious priestesses of Drayden. Meru discovers strange technology abandoned long ago yet still operating and Zoella comes to learn of a secret which holds the key to understanding the strange world upon which they live.

The more all three uncover, the more they understand the peril they are in.

“The world-building and central concept of this novel is top-notch. The fantasy-style underpinned by a solid science foundation that stays in the back of your mind throughout and gets you invested to know more.  The characters are interesting and engaging, the action is engrossing.”

Book 2 : Exoneration

Exoneration continues charting the adventures of Kiri, Meru and Zoella as war and conflict grows around and between them. Even then, the star above, the mighty Lacaille, has its own woe in store.

About Exoneration

Book two of the Shadeward Saga continues where book one left off. The priestesses of Drayden, with Kiri in their ranks, seek to dominate the planet Esurio, believing they have a goddess given right to do so.

Meru discovers artefacts from the past which shed light on the strange and forgotten history of the people of the planet.

Zoella’s fears grow into reality as the star above them, the fierce red dwarf Lacaille, demonstrates its devastating power.

The relationships between our protagonists deepen dramatically as they meet and are forced to choose sides. War and conflict rages around them.

Forced into confrontation they discover the strange and remarkable powers of the priestesses and the unforeseen consequences of technology long forgotten.

Our protagonists begin to question what they’ve been told and Kiri, in particular, has a difficult decision to make between her feelings and her loyalty.

“Some of the chapters are just sheer excitement, the breath taking plot developments along the way keep the reader both guessing the outcome, yet at the same time totally enthralled.”

Book 3 : Enervation

Enervation follows Kiri, Meru and Zoella as they learn that their own agendas – and the conflicts they have been embroiled in – pale into insignificant compared to a dire threat to their planet, Esurio.

About Enervation

In Enervation, book three of the Shadeward Saga, the decisions made by our three protagonists have huge consequences for the world of Esurio.

The priestesses, now aware there is a power that can stand against them, make plans to ensure their domination of Esurio isn’t threatened, by drawing up plans to deal with their enemies once and for all.

Desperate to defend their way of life, Meru’s people are forced into taking huge risks to defend their home.

Zoella, still plagued by dreams and visions sees a future calamitous event that will engulf all the people on the planet unless it is set right.

Kiri’s power continues to grow and she sees the opportunity for herself to claim ultimate control of the planet.

The animosity between Kiri and Zoella grows to a fever pitch.

Meru finds himself torn between the pair of them, trying to balance his own feelings against the dire needs of the planet.

“More of our burning questions finally answered! More politics and plotting from the priestesses. More action and more drama with our cast of amazingly well-written characters. Drew has once again written characters that draw you in, I care what happens to these folk!”

Book 4 : Expiation

In the final book, Kiri, Meru and Zoella find their lives pulled apart and then forced back together as past secrets collide with a cataclysmic present. The fate of their world lies in their hands, in the dramatic conclusion to the Shadeward Saga.

About Expiation

In the final installment of the Shadeward Saga, the stakes are raised to the highest point.

The threat to the planet becomes imperative and a last ditched attempt to deal with the problem is compounded by the unresolved animosity between Kiri and Zoella.

The priestesses plot their own revenge as the nature of the power that has twisted the course of fate on Esurio is finally revealed.

It becomes clear that life will soon be threatened all across Esurio and only a handful of people are able to stop the destruction.

Desperate voyages are undertaken in order to stave off the threat, for time is now of the essence as Lacaille burns ever more fiercely in the sky above.

Kiri, Meru and Zoella learn that sacrifices have to made to secure the future of their planet.

“I haven’t read many books that have brought me to tears, but this did on more than one occasion. Powerfully written right up to the end, I will miss the many characters that I grew to love and loathe over this series. Story writing at its very finest.”