The Plot Thickens

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Progress Report

I’ve managed a little work on the plot this week as I’ve had a little unexpected free time.

What I currently have is an end to end run of the main story arc.

Much detail is missing, but the outline plot seems to work, which is a good place to be. Next will be fine tuning the character arcs for the two main characters and then looking at the extra scenes and character arcs for the secondary characters.

I’ll soon start contacting those at the higher pledge levels to see what they’d like to include as I’ll need this during the plotting.

I’ve also replaced the ‘Plot’ page with a ‘Plan‘ page. This seems more appropriate as I’m not going to give away the plot anyway! Here’s you’ll be able to see the overall plan and progress against that plan, which should give you a warm fuzzy feeling that the book is on its way to being produced.

Next week I’ll be asking those with a website link pledge to let me know what website they’d like to be listed.

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