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This tapestry holds a secret.
Palimpsests and blueprints
While a universe unfolds.
An axis of dying light
That spins in the black.
But alas I can see
Its stars are locked.
For me, Dihya,
I fear my script is lost.

“In quoting others, we cite ourselves.” — Julio Cortázar
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  1. It was two years ago today, during my revision week no less, I flew Scout Wing ahead of Salomé. The drills, the rush, the server lag. Staring down the horde of PAC pilots doing the same job, double checking they were registered. Alas, there was nothing I could do, after all, that one nameless pirate was a member of the Allied Command in any case. I cried a lot, that night, actually. We won, we completed the mission and delivered the logs, but lost so much.
    I said it at the time in Premonition coordination voice, but again; Thank you for founding our group, thank you for flying with us that day, thank you for creating the biggest single event this game has ever had writing one hell of a story. I hope you are enjoying the far side of the galaxy as much as I am.

    • A pleasure, Kai. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 🙂

  2. Does this relate to the Salome image you posted a couple of days ago?

  3. I wonder if this is not a code to be cracked, but a poem to be interpreted as you would any other poem.

    Under that line of thinking, you could rewrite the poem as follows:

    The other (secret) potential outcome (blueprints) of the Salomé story (tapestry) is hidden underneath (palimpsests) the version of events that ultimatey came to pass. This version of events and it’s consequences did not come to pass because she died (the universe unfolded). But if we look closely we can still find traces of what might have happened had she survived. The outcome can’t be changed (locked) but we can still get a clue about what might have happened. This other potential outcome is starting fade now as the story has moved on (axis of dying light) but if we don’t discover what might have been (the narrator’s script) it will be lost.
    I could be totally off base here. But I thought I’d venture a guess anyway.

  4. Another of these inner cosmos’ secrets, wich nobody knows how to solve. It is like the young Nicholas sitting on the border between North and South Ireland, comparing them, finding the differences, but not have a clue how to unite them. All this is making my brain hurt.

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