Narrative editing of Elite Dangerous Premonition is complete

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in Progress Report

Another big hurdle out of the way. Today I put the finishing touches to the narrative edit of Elite Dangerous Premonition!

This means we’re now at a third draft (Draft one was the rough story, draft two was my own personal edit) and the book is in really good shape. Lots of plot holes and inconsistencies have been worked out, extraneous text has been axed, prose has been tightened, POV and pace has been enhanced. That all goes to making it better to read and more enjoyable.

In total there were 734 changes made based on suggestions by my ever so talented editor, Mae. Word count remains a chunky 153,086 words!

Next up is the copyedit. The manuscript now goes for a professional ‘spit and polish’, looking for errant typos, grammar and other inconsistencies. Once that’s done it will be ready for typesetting, the actual process of turning it into a book.

Having read it all through again it’s already much better than it was. I’m now really confident I have a solid, exciting and quality story that’s a worthy sequel to my original book, but will also stand on its own for Elite Dangerous aficionados and new readers alike. More importantly I’m confident it captures what’s been happening in the game and gives the reader the chance to experience all those events over again from a different, and more in depth, perspective. I’m hopeful it will also stand as an SF novel in its own right.

I’m really looking forward to what people make of it. Production time lines look encouraging. Once I have more news on that I’ll let you know straight away.

I’ll sign off with Mae’s last comments to me – “You’ve done an incredible job with it. It’s a great book.”

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  1. First time in 40 years I get the chance to read a SF book with a story that I experienced a part of, I cannot wait. It will be an amazing read. Thank you so much.

  2. I am so excited for this book Drew, I already know it will be a hit! Next stop send James Cameron/ Spielberg a complimentary copy

  3. Hi Drew!

    I bought Reclamation a week or so before the in-game Salomé event and quite enjoyed it. As a professional typesetter however I’d like to remark that the book had at least a dozen or so CR/LF right in the middle of dialogue or paragraphs where they clearly didn’t belong (mid-sentence).

    Also, because of the way the dialogue was typeset it often wasn’t clear if the first person was continuing to speak, or if it was another person answering. There were complete passages where this ruined the fun as one was trying to figure out who said what.

    So maybe you want to tip off your editor on these two things. 🙂

    Really looking forward to Premonition!



    • Thanks CMDR – I will investigate. 🙂

      EDIT – Publisher informs me the problem has been fixed.

  4. Those of us who “were there” when these events happened will have a nice memento. I’m looking forward to adding Premonition to my Amazon collection.

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