Halfway on the first draft!

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Progress Report

A video update this time. Enjoy, Commanders!


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  1. Awesome update, Drew, interesting and fun as usual. Thanks for the honourable mention too (although I’m only in Derby – that’s Midlands, not Northern!!!

    We two SHALL meet – one day. LaveCon would have been an awesome time for that to happen, and I still think you need to negotiate the arrangements. Rooms in nearby hotels are cheap, and an overnight stay until the Sunday would benefit you and the family no end. 😉

    It’s either that or the launch party!


  2. Great video Drew…. little concerned that you are not American nor do you have a sawn off hand or chainsaw limb… none the less I am so excited to hear how excited you are at your own writing.. Having written at a very low level I love when the writing takes over and the scene plays out in your head… and the words flow almost spelling themselves correctly.

    I wish you all the best and if you feel like someone else some days… its probably my fault!!

    Gday Bruce!

  3. Great update and prompt as ever. These are really bringing a pleasing end to my work week 🙂 I somehow forget every time and it’s just waiting there in my inbox when I get home and begin to chill..

    I’m curious what you type on, I guess a mixture of devices? I hope a Model-M is in there somewhere though..

  4. Who told Fozz how it was pronounced? It would be quite disconcerting to be told you’re mispronouncing the name of a planet by the person who created it.

    Such mispronunciations make ideal shibboleths. It is possible that a slip of the tongue could cause you to get your head blastered off.

  5. I always enjoy your videos Drew but I particularly enjoy your “fireside chats”. I noticed smiles and enthusiasm which was very heartening to see. It sounds like you are back on track with a vengeance.

    That’s a very impressive milestone Drew considering all the ups and downs you have had to face in past months. Stay positive and give us a shout whenever you need some extra virtual support.

  6. Loved the take on the Frontier theme at the end – brought back many memories! 🙂

    And creative processes are always filled with ups and downs – you’ve been doing extremely well to have had only one obstacle on the way thus far!

    • Frontier theme at the _beginning_, i meant… :/

      • That was me mucking about with a venerable old midi keyboard and an equally old copy of Cakewalk. Hence the 90s era feel… 🙂

  7. Good to hear from you. BTW, I have just finished reading your Oolite saga. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great work, well written. I am looking forward to this more than ever now.

    • Hi Edward,

      Glad you enjoyed the Oolite Saga. 🙂

  8. Cracking update. Love the startup scene. This is holding to my new dream (the last one was elite 4) that there’ll be some Elite Dangerous films short episodes of a story or a single longer one. Both are welcome 😛

    Hope the battery gets replaced iminently.

  9. Good luck getting two new sets of batteries – one for yourself and the other for the laptop. It’s slog time, but you’re getting there. Keep it up.

  10. Nice one Drew. Well done on reaching the 50,000 words. For what it’s worth, I always assumed it was pronounced “Deeso”.

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