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Space is big, and for the most part very empty indeed. The vacuum is unrelenting, permeated by radiation, much of it inimical to life.

With a realistic galaxy in Elite: Dangerous there is an awful (and I mean awe full) lot of space out there.

But strangeness abounds in the void. Commanders have located ‘something’.

Hot on the heels of David Braben’s recent AMA on the Frontier Forums, where he said that there were non-celestial items to be found out there, unusual objects have been located.

They are of unknown origin, and have unusual properties. They damage the ships that carry them, and emit curious tones.

Some are postulating that they are a precursor to a Thargoid invasion, beacons perhaps, or seed pods. Galnet articles reveal that top scientists throughout the Empire, Federation and Alliance worlds are bemused as to their nature and have reported that it is impossible to take samples from the objects.

After Michael Brookes suggested that they ‘listen’ to the objects, players have been analysing the tones produced by them (so far without success), despite subjecting them to spectrum analysis, frequency modulation and various decryption techniques. Are they over analysing this, or is there something significant hidden?

All this against the background of shifting political allegiance as the Emperor’s succession remains undecided. Darkness falls and the wheel turns? Do the powers that be know more than they’re telling?

In much the same way that mythical Raxxla captured the imagination of the previous generation of Elite combateers, the mysteries just beginning to be revealed in Elite: Dangerous promise to provide another deep round of compelling lore and adventure.

For the Elite, it looks like it’s started to get Dangerous…

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  1. We need to have a chat about teasing at Lavecon Drew. 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed a hidden “EB,P” reference in two of your posts now… care to elaborate? 😉

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