Cover reveal, Shadeward Expiation

Posted by on Apr 18, 2020 in Progress Report

And here it is my friends! The cover of Shadeward Expiation.

This is the final book in the series and it’s going to wrap up pretty much all the threads you’ve been following, but perhaps leave you asking just a few questions as to the wider universe of Shadeward.

Each book has a particular theme and a colour associated with it. Emanation was a yellow/orange hue, with Exoneration a striking purple. Enervation had a green tinge and Expiation… well, here it is!

Expiation – Ebook Cover

With the conclusion of the story this will be the last book in the Shadeward Saga itself, reaching the end of the tale of my three protagonists Kiri, Zoella and Meru, the supporting cast of the crew of the Mobilis and the priestesses of Drayden.

As ever, it’s full of character interaction, high stakes, drama, desperate choices, action and adventure with a dash of real science. Two of my proofreaders were reduced to tears during parts of the story, no punches are pulled in how the story pans out.

So, do savour it when it arrives. We won’t be returning to Esurio for quite some time, if at all. More will come in the wider Shadeward Universe. I’m planning the ‘Hegira’ series next!

On that note here’s the paperback version of the cover with the blurb included to whet your appetites! Once I have a date for the book itself I will let you know. It won’t be long.

Expiation – The Paperback Cover
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