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Posted by on Jun 20, 2016 in Progress Report

I blogged a few days ago about he ‘elephant in the room’. As provenance would have it I received some news shortly afterwards which has made that blog post a bit moot.

Unfortunately I can’t reveal it, nor can I give any real timescale. But things are on the move once more…

Indulge us a little more CMDRs. It will be worth the wait. Hopefully I’ll be able to restore my lore documents (edited for accuracy) as well.

I need to concentrate on my new project for now, but I will update when I have news of a concrete form.

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  1. Thanks for the encouraging update. Standing by for further orders. 🙂

  2. You tease!

  3. Can you at least tell us if your Reclamation book is still cannon? I’d like to read it but am hesitant if the events and lore in the books has been invalidated.

    • Hi Tyreal,

      Yes, Elite: Reclamation is still canon because it is a new story that is set alongside the game and doesn’t require much in the way of the background lore. CMDR Salomé in game and in Galnet is part of an ongoing story. Buy with confidence and I hope you enjoy it.

      • I really did enjoy it (and it was worth buying 3 times, thanks to various account and region blocking issues). I look forward to reading more of your work.

  4. Great news that things aren’t coming to a standstill, and of course can understand that you can’t give the game away…but should we take anything from the fact that you mentioned that you’re getting out of Dodge yourself? 😉

  5. Thanks for the update and if it is a new book or five you can count me in on Kindle purchases.

  6. YES!!!!

  7. I look forward to seeing what it is. I wonder, if the Thargoids disappeared, who beat them? Because humanity couldn’t really.

  8. Month and a half along since this post; and you’ve not posted / blogged in a month! 😉

    I would presume you’re busy progressing various works, and I’m keen — as many, I’m sure — to learn any update available on the fate of Elite(:Dangerous) Lore, beyond the good news of Reclamation remaining canon.

    I, personally, am of the camp where there was a PEACE established between Humanity & the Thargoids, as of F:FE, so it would be somewhat saddening to see that go…

    Esp. in light of the potential for a 2nd Tharg-like race, with whom they themselves have clashed, and whom are “more warlike” etc — i.e. if we were to have this situation appear in E:D, we’d NECESSARILY have to be “careful” to identify WHAT / which alien it is we might be blasting away, so as not to risk damaging the “established peace” which we managed — or, at least, the Alliance managed?? It’s been so long… >_< lol

    I feel sad for Dave and his RPG, if he's had to can 2/5ths of his writing, as it sets his work back AND therefore lengthens waiting time for his KS backers..
    (..yet at the same time, I wish people would stop b!tching & complaining, and try to put themselves in his shoes, with Family, his own Health, and other PERSONAL concerns which ought to take Priority in ANYone's life, KS-project or no!)

    It will be a HUGE relief once some semblance of "far-reaching" lore can be both "locked down" & announced by FD to the player community at large, hopefully tying in as much of a connection to the old / original games as is feasible, but more importantly (it seems) retaining all that its own £4.5k "licensees" have created for the universe which have already been published.

    Chris- aka

    Cmdr Acen ONYX
    Human-Alien Peace Promotion Initiative
    IMPERIAL NEXUS : Department for Encounters with Xenomorphs

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