A mandate from Senator Drew

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Progress Report

A mandate from Senator Drew

Esteemed Citizens and Patrons, Commanders and Slaves,

An Imperial mandate has been released by Senator Drew which outlines many key aspects of our current situation. You are all required to listen carefully to this message before proceeding to your first objective.

Coordinates for first wave objective are to be found here.

For all Elite Combateers with previous flight experience (having backed an Elite project of any kind, whether book, RPG, or the game itself) a special offer awaits.

If you have already helped the Elite project in all its many forms, then you deserve a little something for your help. That’s why, if you donate at the single hardback level or greater, we will give you ALL FOUR OF THE COMPLETED EBOOKS FOR FREE as soon as you send us the pledge email from your previous Elite ‘mission’ from either Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

In addition…

 And if your previous pledges secured you either 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the FBP ebooks, please accept an upgrade to ALL FOUR COPIES OF THE AUDIO BOOKS for your continuing support.

It will be a hard battle over the coming weeks Commanders. I wish you all a steady hand, an accurate aim, a strong heart and a firm will.

Together we can make this glorious mission a success.

In his everlasting name.

Senator Drew, of the Prism system.

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Alpha and Audiobooks
In his everlasting name


  1. Well, at least you are only calling it ‘special’, not awesome. But even a special deal that gives me the ebooks I have already paid for is far from special. Given that virtually everyone who will sign up to this kickstarter will have backed at least the Frontier KS for Elite Dangerous (even if they did not back the books), what this effectively seems to say is that everyone who buys a hardback gets the 4 ebooks free, and there is no upgrade at all for anyone who bought some or all of the ebooks.

    • Hi Richard.

      For those who backed less than four of the ED books they will get all four at present, but you are correct that there is no current benefit for someone who backed all four FBP books. This was a combination we didn’t fully consider.

      Stay tuned and we will resolve.

      EDIT : Can confirm we’re actively looking at this.

      • I have to say, having already put out for E:D plus 8 of the books and the gamebook (if it happens), I’m not sure it’s that special having to splash out £50 for 4 paperbacks that I will already own in ebook form.

        • There may yet be more surprises in store, Commander…

  2. Drew,

    Loved the video. You are mental, in the best possible way. Laughed all the way through. Now I shall do my duty…

    All Hail the Glorious Moustache! 😀

  3. Drew and others.

    Well I’m glad to see this offer came along. I wasn’t able to pledge for the other books so missed out. In fact at the time I could only pledge for Drew’s E-book. I so much prefer paperback to any other format for reading, and that’s what I’ve now pledged.

    I’ll just have to wait for being able to purchase the others.

  4. Is it just me, or did everybody miss that there’s going to be free audiobooks if you pledged any of the ebooks??

    Now, I will be able to pilot and listen!

    To me that’s astonishing news, commanders!

  5. Thanks for the slightly bonkers update video Drew.

    I managed to convince Dan to introduce the additional tier for the connoisseurs of audio entertainment so I am one happy bunny. 🙂

    • As we like to say in the Imperial toilets on Achernar…

      “We aim to please, would you aim too, please.” 😉

      And Mad? Certifiable, but the line between genius and madness is a fuzz thing at best!

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