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As part of my work in creating the official novel, Elite Dangerous: Premonition, I am keeping a record of the publicly available Elite Dangerous Lore in various subject areas. This is intended as a reliable source of information for players and aficionados of Elite Dangerous – and for my own reference too!

As you may be aware, some of the lore from previous games has been retconned for the purposes of narrative and consistency within Elite Dangerous. The story relating to the Thargoids is a good case in point.

These lore guides will not contain spoilers or unauthorised material. Whilst I have been made aware of various parts of the Elite Dangerous story-line and background, I’m not at liberty to divulge it. The information here is thus public knowledge, concatenated for convenience. However, any information I provide here can be considered ‘canon’ for the purposes of lore discussions, it will not contain fan or speculative contributions. It may be updated as required.

This archive is provided for convenience. I have located it here for reasons of clarity and to ensure it is not edited without my permission (and there are no irritating adverts here either!). If you have suggestions for additional articles, please let me know.


  • A lore primer (originally written for PS4 players, but works for all newcomers to the game)

Game History

The Major Powers

  • The Federation
  • The Empire – TBD
  • The Alliance – TBD
  • The Independent Worlds – TBD
  • The Galactic Cooperative (GalCop) – TBD

Myths and Legends


Significant Characters

  • Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval – TBD
  • President Zachory Hudson – TBD
  • Ex-President Jasmina Halsey – TBD
  • Senator Denton Patreus – TBD
  • Princess Aisling Duval – TBD
  • Prime Minister Edmund Mahon – TBD
  • Senator Kahina Tijani Loren / Salom√©




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