1. So I’m guessing that they took off from Sol? Maybe a nearby system?

    • Pretty sure it would be Sol at that point in history.

  2. Makes an interesting early project for inexperienced explorers. Search out “unknown” systems within a 1000LY radius of Sol.

    Ok it’s unlikely there will be any First Discovery’s taking place, but it’s still good experience of scanning a system.

    As a side note, I keep meaning to scan a lot of the unknown systems within the bubble…

  3. Although a concerted effort would remove the known systems, there are in excess of 8,200 systems <1000Ly from Sol in E:D. Would make an interesting challenge though…

  4. There is also the possibility that, in their struggle for survival, they had evolved and developed new and different technologies trying to escape the extinction.
    Who knows? Maybe they had developed very fast octagonal ships and adapted their own biology to withstand the hard rigors of the space on a long trip.
    why shouldn’t it them? (beset by a more imperious need)

  5. I’m wondering if these abandoned bases that are being found on the edge of the bubble, and within Frontier borders, are linked to the descendants of the Generation Ships.

    They certainly wouldn’t have got far with sub-light tech.

    Maybe the ‘missing’ are starting to be found?

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