The Hegira Hegemony

A four part science fiction adventure set in the Shadeward Universe. Currently being developed.


Book 1 : Contravention

A brand new space opera adventure set in the Shadeward universe and concurrent with events in the Shadeward Saga.

This series will explore what happened to the rest of humanity after Earth was abandoned. Esurio was one colony that survived, were there others?

Expect all the hallmarks of a Drew Wagar novel – huge set pieces, characters to love and hate, rigorous research and worldbuilding, with a dash of romance thrown in!

About Contravention

Hegira? The name refers to the journey undertaken by Muhammed from Mecca to Medina in 622AD. It also has more general interpretation meaning Exodus or Migration.

It will be a series of 4 books like Shadeward, set in the same time period, but covering the structure of the universe in and around Sol as alluded to in Shadeward. As we know, we abandoned the Earth and set out into space, attempting to colonise other worlds in order to survive. Esurio was one colony that did manage to survive. The question is, what happened to the others and what are they doing now?

What can I tell you at this stage? There will be spacecraft and spacestations, there will be interstellar travel. There will be adherance to the laws of physics, though with a nod to potential future technologies we don’t currently have, some of which are required to make stories work. The action will all take place with twenty lightyears of Earth, as that is as far as we’ve managed to reach at this point in the Shadeward lore.

There will be interstellar politics, there will be various planetary locales of different types, adventure, set pieces, grand escapes and crises to deal with. Naturally, as you’d expect from me, there will be a cast of memorable characters you’ll love, hate… or both.

In terms of production I will be finishing Doomdark’s Revenge first before embarking on any writing. In the interim I’ll be working on the world-building essential to make this work.

If you enjoyed my Elite Dangerous stories you will love these too, they’ll share some similarities, but you’ll have a deeper and more contiguous set of adventures awaiting you. If you enjoyed Shadeward the same blend of mystery, adventure and characterisation will be present again. Who knows, perhaps we’ll see Esurio from another perspective too.

“I can’t wait to see what Drew Wagar does with this. Whatever happens, I know it will be spectacular!”