The Hegira Saga

Humanity was forced to abandon Sol and voyage out into the darkness, forging new colonies in nearby star-systems.

Some were successful, others were not.

Book 1 : Contravention

The legacy of a recent conflict still haunts humanity’s attempts to spread out into the galaxy, its progress thwarted by a mysterious force known only as “The Enclave.”

The Hegemony and Coalition, vast space-faring factions, vie for supremacy whilst resources diminish, pushing star-systems to the brink of war.

The promise of a new and rapid interstellar technology results in a desperate race across the stars, whilst a crucial peace conference is interrupted by the abduction of the young and beautiful heir to the Empress of the Hegemony.

A tramp trader crew gets caught in the crossfire, just trying to turn a profit in a hostile universe…

Hegira: Contravention is available now in ebook and paperback.

About Contravention

From the acclaimed author of the best-selling Elite Dangerous and Shadeward novels comes a gripping fast-paced and fascinating new space opera adventure. Richly imagined, strikingly written, scientifically authentic and featuring an ensemble cast of memorable characters, fans of the genre will be entranced.

Three years in research, development, writing and editing, Contravention is the first book of four in Drew Wagar’s latest space opera adventure, the Hegira Saga.

Expanding on the universe created in the Shadeward Saga, Hegira: Contravention introduces readers to the wider Shadeward universe beyond the confines of the Lacaille 9352 system.

Esurio was just one of many potential colonies from hundreds of years ago, what happened to the others?

More than a thousand years has passed since humanity was forced to abandon the Sol system, and vast interstellar governments have established themselves in the intervening time.

Technology too, has developed remarkably, both in terms of space travel and human biology, yet humanity’s woes are still prevalent. Despite the advances, there are great stresses, inequality of outcomes,  and diplomatic tensions fanned by competition for resources and territory.

As the balance of power is set to tip in an unexpected direction, those involved find themselves in turbulent times.

“Freed from the restraints of writing within the confines of a video game, this is Drew Wagar flexing his science fiction muscles.”

“You can feel the integrity behind everything that Drew writes. Everything’s authentic.”

“Drew Wagar never disappoints with his remarkable characters, spectacular set pieces and marvellous dialogue.”

“Just so engaging. Fluid and addictive writing. Story telling at its finest.”

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