The Official Elite Dangerous Novels

Two stories set in the universe of Elite (the videogame created by David Braben and Ian Bell) and Frontier Development’s “Elite Dangerous” MMO.



The original and officially licensed novel based on Elite and Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments.

An Imperial Lady, Kahina Tijani Loren of the Prism system (a.k.a. Salomé), battles pirates and bounty hunters, whilst trying to reclaim her home and unlock the secrets of the galaxy.

About Reclamation

The original Elite Dangerous novel, Reclamation, was written after a successful Kickstarter pledge when Elite Dangerous itself was being crowd-funded back in 2013. Published at the same time the game launched it served as not only an intro to the new game, but also provided continuity from the original Elite of 1984 and the subsequent sequels, Frontier Elite 2 (1993) and Frontier First Encounters (1995).

Highly acclaimed by fans, Reclamation has become the most popular official Elite Dangerous novel, engendering the genesis of in-game factions, battles and player narrative based on its story, many of which continue to this day.

Reclamation hinted at in-game mysteries for players to discover, which ultimately led to a sequel, Premonition, charting their actions in the game in real-time.

Reclamation features an unlikely heroine, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the embittered third daughter of a despised Imperial Senator, himself guilty of ordering mass genocide of a planetary population.

Kahina is ripped away from her life of privilege in the high echelons of the Empire and cast adrift into a cut-throat universe of danger, pursued by bounty hunters and pirates, trying to find her way with help from a cast of traders and explorers, adopting the alter ego Salomé along the way.

With her birth right usurped by terrorists, her reputation and memories stolen, she embarks on a dangerous quest to restore her life and reclaim her home.

“The best Elite Dangerous novel out there. Clearly, Wagar is a real fan of the series and shares the passion from youth that a lot of the current fanbase do. You can tell from the depth that he weaves into the background of the story, little things that make you believe in the universe.”


The second official novel based on Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments.

Salomé, led by clues from a woman once thought dead, is drawn into a conspiracy at the heart of humanity. To uncover the truth she must contend with dangerous enemies, navigate murky political waters, and – with the help of her friends – uncover the secrets of the Formidine Rift.

About Premonition

Commissioned by Frontier Developments themselves to expand on the narrative and lore of the Elite Dangerous game, Premonition charts actual player actions within the game over the period 3302 to 3303.

Premonition was commissioned directly due to the overwhelming fan response to the original novel, Reclamation, and continues the story of Kahina Tijani Loren, also known as the mysterious Salomé, as she becomes embroiled in a galaxy spanning conspiracy.

The clues given in the original book are followed by the player base and dramatized here, based on events that actually took place within the Elite Dangerous MMO during 2016 – 2017.

Salomé has uncovered a dark secret hidden in a distant part of the galaxy known as the Formidine Rift. Many explorers have gone looking, but the area is steeped in danger and many have not returned.

Forced into abandoning her Imperial heritage, Salomé leads explorers on difficult quests into the darkness, angering established cabals and bringing herself to their attention.

Along the way Salomé makes new friends who risk their own safety to discover the secrets hidden out in the void.

Ultimately Salomé is faced with trying to reveal the truth she has discovered to a somnambulistic public, at the risk her life and those of her friends.

“This scintillating sci-fi novel, set in the universe of Elite: Dangerous, follows the story of Salomé as she wrestles to uncover a galactic conspiracy against a backdrop of political intrigue, space opera and a series of events whose outcome was determined while the novel was being written, by the players of Frontier’s ground breaking space MMO.”

“You’d have to be crazy to attempt to write this novel and a genius to pull it off. Drew Wagar is both.”

And if you enjoyed the official stories, there’s more to read…

Michael’s Story

In a galaxy of 400 billion stars, there is not a day that goes past without heroism, without adventure, without tragedy. Traders, Explorers and Combat pilots all know the risks of venturing out into the black.

Some seek the solace of the darkness between the stars, others the credits that can be earned ferrying things from here to there. Still more take a darker path, preying on others. Most adventures go untold, lost in the chatter of a trillion souls.

But just occasionally, through chance or lucky happenstance, some stories do get told, a few make it back from the void. And thus, legends are made and heroes are remembered…

About Michael’s Story

A free to download Elite Dangerous novel and audiobook. Audiobook produced by Frontier Developments and Ebook conversions by Fantastic Books Publishing. Written by Drew Wagar. Cover Design by Antony Taylor. Internal graphics by Anthony Hunt.

“Michael’s story” was written for Michael Holyland, a 15 year old Elite Dangerous player who died on 22nd May 2019. It was created in 3 days from start to finish, by the combined talents of Frontier Developments and the Elite Dangerous player community.

Michael’s story was featured in the Guardian UK newspaper, the BBC and forms part of the “Not a Game” documentary available via Netflix.

What a beautiful story and such an antidote to the seemingly endless stream of opinionated, nasty invective unleashed on many who venture online. This piece is enough to restore one’s faith in humanity.”

Evelyn’s Story

Some stories start and stop. Others are never quite finished. Some may be put on hold for days, weeks, even years or centuries. But, just occasionally, another chapter is added to a story that has long been thought to be finished.

To do that, one must push beyond the boundaries, travel out and explore the darkness and throw light upon mysteries thought to be unsolvable.

Such a story awaits you, another tale of the void between the distant stars. Another legend to be told and a heroine to remember…

About Evelyn’s Story

A free to download Elite Dangerous novel and audiobook. Written and Produced by Drew Wagar. Cover Design by Antony Taylor.

“Evelyn’s story” was written for Evelyn Faye Roy, an 11 year girl who enjoyed watching her father Mike play the Elite Dangerous video game. She died on 26th February 2020 from a form of cancer called Neuroblastoma.

“Evelyn’s story” was created using assets and imagery from Elite Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it.

“This is truly beautiful and generous. Your kindness to Mike and his family are worthy of note and praise. I toast you sir for bringing a little light thru this act of kindness in what is currently a dark and scary time.”

Into the Black

Tyrran Andor’s luck has run out.

When a high stakes swindle goes awry. Tyrran Xavian Andor finds himself flung into an underworld of shadows, compelled to aid a mysterious client.

His task is simple: assist a rogue squadron in their mission to acquire alien technology. Yet not all is as it seems, for powers beyond the horizon loom, watching as conspiracies unfold within conspiracies.

Freedom fighters contend with empires, legacies of fallen legends are fought over, and the lines between puppet and puppeteer blur into the black.

Into the black is an unofficial Elite Dangerous novel written by Matthew Lehman, sequel to the official novel “Premonition” by Drew Wagar.

Based on real in-game events.

Shadows of the Past

Her mission lives on.

Loren’s Reapers, the outlawed exiles of Loren’s Legion, journey to the frontier of Colonia, seeking to unearth an ancient secret.

Success will open the eyes of billions. Failure will close them forever.

New allies and old foes emerge, and the very fate of humanity itself hangs in the balance, for humanity has never been alone.

Shadows of the Past is an unofficial Elite Dangerous novel written by Matthew Lehman, the sequel to “Into the Black” and the official novel “Premonition” by Drew Wagar.

Based on real in-game events.