Michael’s Story


Michael’s Story

An Elite Dangerous novel and audiobook. Audiobook produced by Frontier Developments and Ebook conversions by Fantastic Books Publishing. Written by Drew Wagar. Cover Design by Antony Taylor. Internal graphics by Anthony Hunt.

In a galaxy of 400 billion stars, there is not a day that goes past without heroism, without adventure, without tragedy. Traders, Explorers and Combat pilots all know the risks of venturing out into the black.

Some seek the solace of the darkness between the stars, others the credits that can be earned ferrying things from here to there. Still more take a darker path, preying on others. Most adventures go untold, lost in the chatter of a trillion souls.

But just occasionally, through chance or lucky happenstance, some stories do get told, a few make it back from the void. And thus, legends are made and heroes are remembered… 

“Michael’s story” was written for Michael Holyland, a 15 year old Elite Dangerous player who died on 22nd May 2019. It was created in 3 days from start to finish, by the combined talents of Frontier Developments and the Elite Dangerous player community.

As per Michael’s own wish, the story is freely available from the links below. If you are willing, please consider a donation to Cancer Research in memory of Michael. 

If you have donated, thankyou! It’s very much appreciated. Please feel free to download the book in various formats from the links below. No registration is required.

For Kindle Users, the mobi format is recommended. You should be able to import this into your Kindle or email it to your Kindle user account.

The Audiobook is hosted on Soundcloud and is downloadable from there.