Reclamation, Part 1 of the Elite Dangerous Saga

An official Elite Dangerous novel, prequel to Premonition,  licensed by Frontier Developments and written by Drew Wagar.

A contested system.

A political coup.

On the edge of civilisation, on the border of the Frontier, lies the Prism system. Its ownership hangs in the balance between the Federation and the Empire.

A young idealistic woman, Kahina Tijani Loren, is caught in the midst of this intrigue. Pitched against her are pirates, bounty hunters, politicians and revolutionaries, all determined to use her to further their own ends. But she has her own agenda.

Trying to reclaim her home, her choices will determine the fate of an entire star-system.

Reclamation is the original story set in the Elite Dangerous universe and prelude to the game.

“If you’re an Elite: Dangerous player this novel is absolutely, unequivocally a must-read.”

“The best Elite: Dangerous book I have read to date. Love the story.”

“The best official Elite book out there.”

“I have ordered and read the Elite books and Reclamation is my favourite.”

“When I asked several people which book they felt was best, many pointed to ‘Elite: Reclamation.’ “

“A really good read, you don’t need to have played the game. This book stands on its own.”

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After reading several Elite Dangerous novels, I was about to give up on the Elite universe, put my cherished ZX Spectrum Elite memories back in my childhood wonder. The written universe was pale and shabby. Then I started reading Reclamation… the feeling of wonder was back. This is what Elite was about, my dreamed universe while I played and discussed with friends at school, vying for the best hauls and upgrades. All by itself this is a very good Scifi novel, but because it’s in the Elite background, it’s amazing. The author captured the essence of a universe we liked and developed in our minds and games.
So without further ado, go read it, recapture a piece of your childhood. I recommend it. If your new to Elite, well this is an excellent place to start.

Of those Elite Dangerous novels I’ve read, this one is by far the one I liked most. One of the reasons is that this book didn’t need to emphasize so much being in a game-world or universe, it rather breathed authenticity most naturally, whereas in other novels of the series the respective author struggled to convey the feeling of realness, and thus sometimes felt a bit clumsy. But maybe that’s a biased view and it’s the plotting and politicking that I liked so much? Again in comparison with other Elite Dangerous novels the story here is painted on a larger canvas, rendering it almost space opera, or at least space operatic. One must never forget that this book was written by a fan, for fans. And he did a really good job at it. In my opinion it’s really a fun read, and the plot had enough twists and turns to keep me reading and wanting to know how things would turn out. So, if you want something like a space-politics-action-thriller with an Elite touch, then this is one for you. Surely, fans will have more fun with it, but even if you don’t know the game (the old ones or the latest incarnation) I think it can still be an enjoyable read.

Of all the Elite Dangerous tie-in fiction I have read so far, Elite: Reclamation is the one that gives the most flavour of the Elite universe. The Empire is wonderfully depicted — it reminded me in some ways of reading Jane Austen; a society with strict rules of etiquette wherein subtle phrasing or say, the choice of dress at a wedding, can imply deep insult. The story contains the full range of action, suspense, politics, humour, a bit of gore, surprise, double-crosses (or are they?), epic space battles, sword fights, remorse and retribution. In short it has everything you could wish for in a space opera.

Elite: Reclamation is a beautifully crafted story with real characters. I couldn’t help but get drawn into their world. I saw the beauty of the Prism system and cried ‘foul’ over the political shenanigans that threatened it. A very entertaining novel with heaps of intrigue and general dodgy dealings all round; it’s clear that the author has invested a lot of time in getting the setting right both scientifically and politically. I found it enthralling, and would highly recommend whether familiar with Elite or not. And what an amazing and original heroine — not since ‘Wuthering Heights’ has anyone got away with that!

Elite: Reclamation is an incredible tale that explores a huge event in this sector of space in the perfect level of scrutiny, on both the personal and political levels. The characters are outstanding and refreshingly unique, the plot is relentlessly action-packed and never ceases to surprise you, and allegiances remain a mystery throughout. I do hope, though, that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Kahina…

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