Premonition – Part 2 of the Elite Dangerous Saga

The official Elite Dangerous novel and sequel to Reclamation. Published by Frontier Developments and written by Drew Wagar.

The legacy of a centuries-old mystery.

Disturbing encounters with unknown ships.

A prelude to war.

Three great superpowers manoeuvre against each other. But are their destinies their own, or are they merely the puppets of some greater power?

Since the loss of the Prism system in 3300, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren has operated on the fringes of Imperial society. Led by clues from a woman once thought dead, she is drawn into a conspiracy at the heart of humanity. To uncover the truth she must contend with dangerous enemies, navigate murky political waters, and – with the help of her friends – uncover the secret of the Formidine Rift.

Premonition is a story set in the Elite Dangerous universe, shaped by player actions in the Elite: Dangerous game.

“An incredible job. It’s a great book.”

“Absolutely loving Elite Premonition! Amazing work!”

“Just finished Elite: Premonition. Stop what you’re doing and read it. I have no words…”

“Premonition is, in my opinion, THE Elite Dangerous book of today.”

“Premonition is a breathtaking novel. The drama and suspense is like Game Of Thrones in space! Just superb!”

“Terrific job, was great to see so much love for the community, and so satisfying to have been involved in events.”

“It is amazingly good. Nailed it.”

“Won’t spoil a thing but it contains a great story, big discoveries, tons of lore and tiny pieces about what is to come in Elite Dangerous.”

“It was awesome. As a roleplayer, reading a story where players played their part is amazing.”

“You’d have to be crazy to attempt to write this novel and a genius to pull it off. Drew Wagar is both.”

“Drew’s knack of keeping readers on the edge of their seats and wits is masterful.”

Premonition Ebook  (DRM Free from FDev)

Premonition Ebook (Kindle)

Premonition Paperback


This book is relentless. Discipline yourself. Stop at the end of the chapter. Put it down. Breathe. Remember you have responsibilities in the morning. Don’t let the action sweep you away, or you will find yourself staring bleary eyed at the clock, trying to justify reading just a few more minutes with the sun threatening to come up in too few hours for a decent night’s rest. If you think I’m being hyperbolic, don’t say I didn’t warn you when it happens to you.

“Wow just wow. The book is much better than I hoped for. Entertaining, funny, tragic, epic and engaging. I enjoyed reading every single line of it. Thanks Drew Wagar for this book. I can’t praise it enough.”

“What a ride! The last couple of chapters were pretty emotional. Absolutely riveting from beginning to end. Drew’s outdone himself.”

“I was lucky enough to be brought on to do a final line edit, and Drew managed to make a book that not only felt like it lived within the game, but within the ED community as well. I saw story events I’d only heard snippets of detail about through GalNet revisited, but in a fresh context that changed (or confirmed) various suspicions, and I saw milestone moments that players experienced uncovering the mysteries of the game brought to life and made part of the story universe.

Despite needing to focus intently on the structure and not to read like a fan, I still managed to get swept up in events right up to the end, and even found myself laughing out loud a number of times. The fact it got past my barriers like that says something.”

“The sequel to the brilliant Elite: Reclamation, this scintillating sci-fi novel set in the universe of Elite: Dangerous, follows the story of Salomé (aka Kahina Tijani Loren) as she wrestles to uncover a galactic consipracy against a backdrop of political intrigue, space opera and a series of events who’s outcome was determined, in real time while the novel was being written, by the players of Frontier’s ground breaking space MMO.”

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