The Elite Dangerous Saga

The Elite Dangerous Saga is an officially licensed two part science fiction epic set in the cutthroat universe of the Elite Dangerous MMO game by Frontier Developments, followed up by two short stories and some high quality fan-fiction unofficial sequels.

A spectacular Space Opera based upon the remarkable space simulation game, Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments. The series follows the exploits of an Imperial Lady, Kahina Tijani Loren of the Prism system (a.k.a. Salomé), as she battles pirates and bounty hunters, and is forced to work with traders and explorers to reclaim her home and unlock the secrets of the galaxy.

The two officially licensed books are Reclamation and Premonition, written by Drew Wagar.



There are two short stories also set in the Elite Dangerous universe, also written by Drew Wagar. These are free to download or listen to.

Michael’s Story

Evelyn’s Story

There are also two unofficial Elite Dangerous novels which carry on the story post the events of Premonition, written by Matthew Lehman. These are free to download.

Into the Black

Shadows of the Past