Join my Community!

I regularly stream on my own Twitch channel with a combination of creative streams and game-playing. You can also watch afterwards on Youtube.

8pm Monday is typically the creative stream, where we will discuss writing and other aspects of creating stories. Feel free to ask me questions about my books, or the writing process itself.

8pm Thursday is typically game playing with a focus on modern space games, including lore, story and current activity.

1pm Saturday is the “Retro” Stream where I play some of the best games from years gone past.

Those who subscribe to my stream are affectionately known as the “Drew-ids”, so come along and join in, you’re assured of a warm welcome! It’s often a bit mad and I do get side tracked a lot of the time – affectionately known as “Waffling”. And yes, the fedora is part of the tradition!

You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.