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Below you will find a list of projects that I’m currently working alongside estimated release dates and key milestones.

Dates are not fixed and may vary depending on workload and changes of circumstance.

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Shadeward 3 Audible

Doomdark’s Revenge novel

Shadeward 4 Audible

Lords of Midnight Audible

Doomdark’s Revenge Audible

Hegira novels

Shadeward Prequel novels

Voyages of the Mobilis novels

Shadeward Enervation audiobook

The Sequel to The Lords of Midnight (based on Mike Singleton’s ZX Spectrum game)

Shadeward Expiation audiobook

Lords of Midnight audiobook

Doomdark’s Revenge audiobook

4 part space opera series based in the Shadeward Expanded Universe (SEU)

4 part Shadeward prequel series set on Earth prior to Shadeward novels

Multi-part proposed series charting the previous crews of the Mobilis from Shadeward

With Audible QA, expected Oct 2020

Writing, 71,397 words, due early 2021

Scheduled early 2021

Scheduled early 2021

Scheduled mid 2021

Planned for 2021-2025

Tentative 2025-2030

Tentative 2030-2035