Expiation is the fourth and final book in Drew Wagar’s acclaimed SF series, the ‘Shadeward Saga.’

Set on a tidally locked world in orbit about Lacaille 9352, this series is a blend of hard science fiction, post apocalyptic and fantasy genres in a plausible yet alien setting.

The all-powerful priestesses are whipped to a white heat of vengeance in defence of their god, Lacaille, the star that blazes in the skies above.

Coran and the Mobilis crew are unravelling the keys to survival, but tradition, myth and the vengeful priestesses stand in their way, as Lacaille burns ever more fiercely above them.

Kiri, Meru and Zoella, tied by bonds of hatred and devotion, know they must act, but have no idea how to turn the tide of fate. The answer when they find it is wholly unexpected and horribly inevitable.

This is a breathtaking ending to a fantastic series.

Drew Wagar has drawn everything to the best finish one could hope for. A thoroughly recommended 5* read, order it now!

Highs and lows. Drama and action. Characters to love and to hate. An epic conclusion to an excellent series.

If you have not started reading the Shadeward series I HIGHLY recommend it for the amazing characters, incredible blending of a sci-fi genre which reads more like a fantasy adventure.

Expiation (Shadeward Book 4)

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Expiation (Shadeward Book 4)

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Expiation (Shadeward Book 4)

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Expiation was a roller coaster of action and emotional conclusions. The multiple characters which author Drew Wagar introduced us to in the first three volumes meet their final challenges in this incredible tale.

Because Drew made us care so deeply about all these characters it is bittersweet to read about the conclusion of their stories. Shadeward as a four volume story is deeply immersive and brings the characters in it to life in an unusual world that you come to accept as a real place.

Shadeward: Expiation, as the conclusion to this series, wraps up the story of Esurio in a fitting way. It closes out the character arcs and story-line of this amazing world in a realistic way and is filled with much emotion. It also sets the stage for future parallel tales in this universe, while concluding this small planet’s tale in a realistic way.

This book was always going to be bitter sweet for me. I loved the first three and didn’t really want to leave these characters behind. I also desperately needed to know how the story was going to end. Can’t win, really.
Finally everything comes together, all questions are answered, everything really is wrapped up as promised.

An excellent book filled with intrigue and emotion wracking twists and turns. Shock at some of the events, changing ones train of thought as to where the saga was heading. I tried to read slower than normal, so as to put off getting to the inevitable end of this gripping tale, I found it was difficult not to be drying eyes when I got there! Drew Wagar has drawn everything to the best finish one could hope for.

What a great ending to the shadeward saga, as with all the other books there are lots of twists and turns that pulls you in further to the lives of the characters, Drew then finally pulls all the strings together to bring an end to the series.

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