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Apr 4, 2014

It’s er… concrete? Sorry.

Yes, I know I’ve missed ‘March’ by more than a bit, but in the absence of anything particularly concrete to tell you at this stage, I thought an update was appropriate anyway as I’ve been quiet for a while – and it’s Friday!

My Kickstarter was originally designed to deliver its outcome (‘deliverables’ in consultant-speak) in March 2014. It’s now April, so it’s not unreasonable to ask – where are we then, Drew?

As you know, the book is written, checked, edited and proofed. Dan tells me that cover designed are being finalised, and I’ve been listening to some excellent excerpts from the audiobook version being produced by Chris Jarvis. (Very impressed with this so far.) We are tantalisingly close now.

You’ll have seen the announcements about the Gollancz books, rest assured ours will not be far behind. For those of you who aren’t pledgers of one kind or another there will be a pre-order facility. For those of you who are, you’ll get your copies (reaches for Thesaurus to avoid use of ‘soon’) imminently.

One of the ‘other’ Elite Dangerous novels. Exciting times!

Gollancz are going to be collaborating with FBP and us, they have offered to cross pollinate some of the announcements and also feature a guest blog on the Gollancz website for us. This is exceedingly generous, so many thanks to Marcus Gipps for making this happen.

One thing I am particularly pleased about, having read the synopsis of the Gollancz books, is that it would appear that Elite:Reclamation is the only book which is dealing with the Imperials at length. It’s going to be interesting to see how people respond to my imagining of their culture.

However, there were other pledge awards too. For those of you who pledged at the £35 or above, I promised you’d receive a set of high-resolution imagery to accompany the book, annotated by me. I’m finalising this at the moment, and it’s currently expanded into a 60 page ‘Guidebook’ in PDF form. It contains a number of high-res pieces of work (full width and unobscured – the commentary is on the facing page, not the image) used during the writing of ER, some you’ll have seen, but many that you won’t – they will be unique to this Guidebook. It also gives you character bios/photos, background information and some exploration of the themes covered in ER that you won’t get in the book itself. I’m just awaiting the official cover art to complete it, convert and test in various formats –  then it is ready to be sent out to backers.

For everyone at the £8 pledge or higher, I also promised an additional short story. This is well in hand and I hope to be able to send it out shortly. It’s not Elite (Frontier’s license doesn’t allow it), but it is sci-fi in a similar vein. I’m pretty pleased with it and I hope it will tide you over until ER lands in your inbox or desk, dependant on version.

Anything else? I’m planning to do one of my ‘fireside chats’ once we have a ‘go’. They’ll be a bunch of stuff to announce of course, and I’d rather do that ‘face to face’ if I can. So excited!

In the meantime, make sure you get yourself to LaveCon and Fantasticon this year. Both events sounds like they are going to be excellent fun. Here’s just a taste of Fantasticon to whet your appetite, don’t miss it…

Until next time, Commanders!


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First Kickstarter pledge awards coming!

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