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Sep 24, 2014

The Synopsis…

Just a quick update today, but an important one.

I’ve been writing the Shadeward Saga for quite some time, it was under development six months before my Elite: Reclamation kickstarter. In that time I’d pieced together the outline and written over 60,000 words for the first book.

Since the end of Elite: Reclamation I’ve continued working on it, refining the plot, working out all the background detail and ultimately writing a synopsis.

The synopsis is a single page of A4 which describes the book. It’s not promotional, it’s a plain vanilla document that explains the major events of the book, think of a rather dry summary. The synopsis is there to explain the story, thus it’s heavily spoilered – and, no you don’t get to see it.

A synopsis has a single purpose, to sell the book to a publisher. When a publisher receives a synopsis they review it and usually take one of a number of options:

  • Reject the synopsis, file in the circular file and mail a  ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply. This is the most common outcome, alas!
  • Return the synopsis with requests for clarification or particular changes
  • Suggest that the author self-publishes the book
  • Request the full manuscript
  • Go straight for a contract for the book
Fantastic Books Publishing will be bringing the Shadeward Saga to market.

Fantastic Books Publishing will be bringing the Shadeward Saga to market.

I’m happy to announce that Fantastic Books Publishing has just gone for the last option with respect to the Shadeward Saga and signed me up for the first novel in the series. We are officially go! Now I’ve got to stick to the plan.

As before, I’m planning not to reveal characters or spoilers in advance, but I will take you through the same sort of material as I did with Elite: Reclamation, the inspiration, the features, the overall approach and the type of story I want to tell this time. I have a wider scope than I did with Elite: Reclamation, so watch out for your regularly weekly blog update.

I’ll leave you with an old Maori proverb which is exceedingly apt for a planet where the sun never sets.

Turn your face towards the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you.

Wish me luck folks, another book is on the way.


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