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Feb 8, 2013

Another week and another update. Plenty going on, so let’s dive in.

First of all, I’d sent my draft synopsis, characters and planning across to my publisher last week and he’d quickly passed it along to his editorial team to give it a review. What came back was an “Editorial Readers’ Report” which is basically a recommendation to go with the story or …ahem… ‘file in the circular file’. 😉

I’m pleased to report the report was positive, in fact I’ll go so far as to quote this directly:

“Very impressed with the work done on this. It’s well plotted, the various strands fit together neatly… … It’ll be an unusual project, but if he gets the approval he’s seeking, and if you decide to take it on, we’re happy to work with him as it develops.”

The ‘approval’ of which they speak is, of course, Frontier Developments itself. I’ve put together an eleven page summary document which lists all of the changes I need to make to the game; the changes for the official Elite timeline, the backstory, synopsis, detailed plot and character descriptions. That was sent to them today.

Frontier has also opened up the private “Writers’ Forum” which has been very helpful in clarifying some of the details around how various things are likely to work. A couple of things have come out of this. A small date change (a matter of about twenty years) and the aforementioned unobtanium I’d provisionally called Quarterite has been replaced by the real ore Tantalite, which already had some previous mention in the Elite canon – which I was unaware of. These little details are important.

I’m pretty much ready to start writing, so once they’ve had a look at it and approved it, we’re ready to go. That will be nice milestone to have passed. Updates on the plan page as per normal.

I’m fairly confident that won’t present too much of a problem. Frontier folks have been reading this site, so I’m told, so they’re already aware of my direction (best behaviour out there). My story has been plotted sympathetically with my existing knowledge of the Elite universe and Frontier have generously provided a bunch of background details on political structure, events and history. (No, I’m afraid I’m not allowed to share that with you). I’ve tweaked my story to allow for these fresh revelations so it should be pretty much there.

Big thanks then to Michael Brookes, Dave ‘Selezen’ Hughes and Andrew Gillet for their help, and obviously to David Braben, who has apparently been ‘hovering around’… And we were told there was no anti-gravity in the Elite universe. 😉

What’s next? Approval and then “Cleared for launch.” – At last we will write on, Commanders!

Wait… no artwork this week? Sorry no, but for being loyal fans, here’s a little treat…

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