The First Draft of Doomdark’s Revenge is complete!

Apr 26, 2021

It’s been a long time in coming, the impact of Covid-19 needs little explanation, but it certainly put a crimp in my plans – which definitely did not survive contact with the enemy! Nonetheless this is a significant milestone in getting this book out to you all. We have a story!

First drafts are, by their nature, pretty rough things. I do tend to edit a bit as I go along, so it’s not quite as rough and ready as it might be, but there is still quite a lot more work to do. However, the major elements of the story are in place and now it just needs a thorough review and detailed going over. Dialogue, pacing, description, detail… all of it will come in for considerable scrutiny over the next few weeks!

I’m pretty happy that I’ve done justice to the new realm of the Icemark as we experience it through the senses of our protagonists and antagonists. Tarithel and Shareth have been huge fun to write in this story, which has turned out to be quite complex and tricky to manage. I hope as I read through I feel I’ve done enough – doubtless a few extra bits will have to be written to clear things up.

The word count at present stands just shy of 155k words, which means it’s about the same length as Lords of Midnight. I think this will rise during editing, as I’m pretty sure I need a bit more scene setting and dialogue in places, some bits were definitely a little rushed in the first draft. Overall though, it feels about right. Next up will be a good solid second draft, review by Chris and then on to the editor for the real process of turning it into a book!

From a creative perspective now, my thoughts are turning to my Hegira Space Opera. This will be set in the same universe and time period as my Shadeward Saga, but featuring planets and situations with much higher levels of technology. So far, all I have are ideas, but elements of plot and story are already forming in my mind. This will also be a 4 book series, so plenty more to come.

So, as ever, it’s back to the keyboard!

Feel free to join me on my twitch broadcasts (I’m now a Twitch Partner!) or follow me on YouTube if you wish to watch offline. I’m regularly posting up bits and pieces as I work!

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