The end of my Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter

Sep 4, 2014

Elite: Reclamation final pledge awards ready to go.

Elite: Reclamation final pledge awards ready to go.

They say all good things eventually come to an end, and this blog post marks the end of my first ever Kickstarter.

I started it back in December 2012 and it’s taken until now to run its course, with the final pledge awards, in the form of signed paperback copies of my book, ready to go out to those high level pledgers. They’re sitting on my study desk now, awaiting signing and packaging.

For those of you who pledged, followed, liked, retweeted and supported me throughout – my eternal thanks and appreciation. It was a fabulous ride and a period in my life upon which I will look back fondly in years to come.

If the feedback and reviews are anything to go by (41 now, but please review if you haven’t yet – everything helps!), you’ve collectively enjoyed my blogs and video posts on how I ran the Kickstarter, structured and planned the book, wrote it and analysed the motivations, characters and situations within. We’ve discussed history, inspiration, ship design, advanced physics, the role of sex and gender in SF and a myriad of other topics along the way.  I’ve enjoyed each and every one of your comments and suggestions. I found that opening up my writing process was very useful for me too.

Will I go there again? Time will tell.

This chapter closes now. Will there be another Kickstarter? I don’t need one for my current book, but who’s to say what the situation with Elite: Dangerous will be in a year’s time? All I can do for now is say ‘watch this space’.

Whilst the Kickstarter is now complete, there is still the audio version of the book due to come out later this year. Current indications are ‘in time for Christmas’, perhaps coinciding with the launch of the game itself. There’s the game too. I’m looking forward to hearing tales of derring-do across space, and hope to get a few ‘selfies’ from folks who visit the systems in my book. Your mission, Commanders, should you choose to accept it – recon the Prism system! 😉

Those pledge awards will be winging their way through the post to their respective owners. If you’re one of them, you should have received a request for your current address through Kickstarter. I won’t be sending out until you confirm that (just in case you’ve moved since the Kickstarter began) – if you’ve changed email address too, please get in contact with me and we’ll get it sorted out.

As I mentioned before and revealed at Fantasticon, the plots for two sequels to Elite: Reclamation have been written and two books are tentatively planned to take Salomé, Hassan and Luko’s adventures onwards in the Elite universe. Many of the minor characters in Elite: Reclamation also reprise their roles. More story, more depth, more characterisation, more high political intrigue and low adventure – you know the drill. I can’t reveal any details until Frontier decide whether they want any more books, but I’m ready if and when they are. They will be called “Elite: Revelation” and “Elite: Redemption” – which gives you a subtle clue.  It’ll be big bold space opera, regardless.

My short story will be available in an upcoming FBP anthology.

My short story will be available in an upcoming FBP anthology.

The short story which was one of the Kickstarter awards will shortly be available via Fantastic books as part of their upcoming SF anthology of short stories. So if you missed out on that you’ll be able to get it along with some other great stories by the likes of Stuart Aken, John Hoggard and Dave Styles. I’ll also be arranging for my ‘Official Guide’ to be made available too.

So it’s the end of the Kickstarter, but it’s not the end of this website, this blog or my writing. Work is underway for my very own SF epic (a four book story) with the first part planned to be launched at next year’s Fantasticon. I’m estimating I’m already about a third of the way through that and it’s looking to be a bit bigger than Elite: Reclamation at present – so stay tuned into the blog for updates.

They’ll be no more Kickstarter email updates, so if you want notifications – Facebook ,Twitter or registering for my mailing list is the way to go. You can subscribe to the RSS feed too.

And finally? Just thanks again everyone.

It was quite a ride, and I hope the process has been interesting and informative to you and that you’re pleased with the ultimate outcome in the form of the book I promised to write back in 2012. It’s worth having a nostalgic look at my Kickstarter page (it’s not possible to edit it after a successful project, so it’s now frozen forever!) to see how far we’ve come. I know many of you would have been sceptical back then as to whether this idea was going to fly. I’m very happy to be here now, looking back on what was quite an adventure, with a number of ups and downs along the way. Thanks for staying the course.

Elite: Reclamation may be finished, but the adventures will continue. You know by now that I’ll definitely… write on, Commanders!

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