The Elephant in the room

Jun 14, 2016

Elite: Reclamation has been available for two years now.

Elite: Reclamation has been available for two years now.

Come on, Drew. Is a sequel to Elite: Reclamation really coming or not?

Well – you’ll have to wait and see!

Once I was notified that Frontier Developments were going to make new licences available back in October 2015 I submitted my application alongside (I assume) many others.  Since then I have written up a plot, aligned it with the current ED canon and duly submitted it for approval.

We’ve even had an appearance of Salomé in game as part of the excellent player led Distant Worlds Expedition, with the lore blessed by Frontier themselves…

But we’re not there yet.

This never happened. (In ED at least)

Some strange things have been going on lore-wise since then as well – but there is a reason for it. We’ve learnt that the primary ending to Frontier: First Encounters (FFE) didn’t happen in the ED time-line.

This was announced in DJTruthSayer’s twitch stream. The last contact with the Thargoids wasn’t peaceful, it was hostile!

With some ships never having existed, planet descriptions being different between the various games and no definitive time-line available, the lore is now a bit fluid. It will get clarified, but we only have the GalNet history at this point in time, which only goes back to 3300, when ED started.

For now, I have taken down my lore articles. This isn’t to be awkward or sniffy, I’ll happily put them back (after editing) once I’m able to talk about what the ‘truth’ is. It’s just a failsafe to ensure folks don’t assume stuff based on what I was calling a ‘definitive’ guide.

Let’s wait and see what happens. It is Frontier’s story at the end of the day!

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