The beginning of the War

Sep 19, 2016

The War of the Solstice begins!

Oddly enough, this blog post title seems to fit both the current projects rather well!

Starting with the Lords of Midnight, I’ve just completed the first section of the book, which is the part which takes place prior to the start of the War.

Aficionados of the original game will recall that you played the game from the morning of the Winter Solstice and everything was measured from there.

With the book, I’ve gone back a little before this, to show the build up to these events. This gives an opportunity for a bit of character development. Who was Luxor beforehand, what about Corleth? What were the relations between the Fey and the Free like prior to the war? And so on.

There’s also the chance to touch on the background lore. The Moon Ring, what was it and how did it come to be in Rorthron’s keeping? All of these things were alluded to in the original game and novella, but only briefly. This time we get to see a bit more about it. So under Chris’ watchful eye I have been expounding on this. The ice-fear has been unleashed and we see the impact of that first hand at ground level. The battle lines are drawn.

As of today I have completed that section and thus the War of the Solstice has truly begun!

The Empire and the Federation seem to be on the brink…

Meanwhile, more than a thousand years in the future, another battle seems set to break out. It may not be a war yet, but the forces of the Federation and the Empire are certainly squabbling over territory in the Pleiades sector.

Various blockades have been set up and players have been encouraged to work on behalf of the two dominant superpowers.

Strange alien spacecraft wrecks have been found and intrigue occupies the thoughts of the populace across the galaxy.

Against this backdrop, players are also making their marks. I have had a busy time keeping up with the various aspect of the story which are being influenced by the players, there are quite a lot of them!

Often this turn up in unexpected areas – CMDRs just doing their thing. Just recently there was an unexpected fuelrat rescue and an accidental altercation with an Imperial Interdictor from a passing journalist which impinged on the story. These are great little additions, and not on my ‘planned’ list, though they are exactly the sort of things I hoped would happen.

There have also been some excellent player submitted GalNet articles, which are altering the story as players decide have to react to events, big or small.

I’m still writing a little behind the ‘current time’ (ie. September 3302), but hope to catch up with ‘now’ in the next month or so.

sci-fi-vs-fantasySwapping between the two genres has been quite interesting, but not as difficult as I feared. I have yet to make a mistake and have a Cobra Mk3 magically frozen in an avalanche of ice, though I suppose there’s still time. What I tend to do is have what I call a ‘Lom’ day and a ‘Leet’ day, that separates the two projects in my head quite well. I also tend to re-read the section I recently completed in order to get me back into the ‘world’.

In terms of word count, both stories are approaching the 1/5 mark in terms of a first draft. With some of the background out of the way and the stage set, the action can now commence. Though I started Midnight first, my weekly target isn’t as high as Premonition, as the later project has an earlier completion date. So don’t be alarmed when Premonition overtakes Midnight in the word count stakes.

For reference my weekly ‘Leet’ target is 3,500 words and ‘Lom’ is 2,300. This may get tweaked depending on how I do. Thus far, both projects are a little ahead of schedule, but it’s still 5,800 words a week, which is a university dissertation every fortnight, nothing to be sneezed at!

It’s what I do though, so don’t worry. If I run into difficulties I will advise and seek encouragement.

However for now…. Right on, Commanders… and victory goes to the Free!

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