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Dec 22, 2015

Emanation Medium

Launched in 2015

You always get these ‘summary of the year’ type posts around about now, and since it’s a season to be slavishly traditional – I’m going to do exactly the same as everyone else.

This year I’ve been able to realise a significant personal goal, of writing an SF book that was wholly my own and not part of someone else’s creative endeavour. Writers will instantly understand why this is so important. The Shadeward Saga has been in gestation for quite some time, it’s origins date back to a short story I wrote back in 2008, so it was with delight and no small measure of trepidation that I watched it go out as a book. It might not be the definitive piece of literature, or even the definitive SF novel, but it’s entirely ‘mine’.

My proudest moment of the year was the reading I gave at Fantasticon where my wife, two sons and Lisa acted out a scene from my book, with real weapons! They did an amazing job of enhancing the reading leaving us with just one quandary – how to top it next year!

The book seems to have gone down very well and I’m pleased to have a growing fan-base (it still seems rather self-aggrandising to say that, but there’s no other word for it) which isn’t just folk who like a certain computer game…

Before we get to that, I’m very happy with progress on book two of the series – called ‘Exoneration’. I’m at nearly 55k words (about halfway through) right now and it all looks to be going to plan. I’ve been able to make ‘bigger’ characters, with more complex backgrounds than in my Elite book, because I can develop them over several years. You should all get a new Shadeward book about the same time every year – that will take you up to 2019!

Maybe next year! ;)

Maybe next year! 😉

And Elite? Well I’ve done nothing official this year, other than a few missions (yes – the one with the “green plants for medicinal purposes” was one of mine!) the odd GalNet article here and there. I’m working on a series of Lore articles, which are already ranking up the search engines, so stay tuned for more of those, hoping to be of service to the Elite community at large.

I don’t have the time to dedicate to twitch and youtube, but Elite is well covered in those areas by many talented folks. Other than the egregious appearances of the ghastly ‘Senator Drew’, I prefer my contributions to be ‘serious’ and the written word is my medium of choice, so the blog will continue in its current form, so stop by every so often and drop me a comment.

There is no news on a sequel to Elite: Reclamation at present, but the signs are still encouraging. When I have any news on that I’ll let you all know. It’s been two years since I finished my Elite book; Kahina has gone missing and the universe has moved on, perhaps we’ll find out ‘what happens next’ in 2016… or is it 3302? We’ll see.

Regardless, your combined company (Facebook – 1,246, Subscribers – 1,186, Twitter – 3,627) has been, with only a few minor exceptions, a real pleasure to me this year. So many of you have actually bought my books (thanks!) contacted me in person to talk about my stories, swapped awful puns, written reviews… the interaction is what makes writing so rewarding. Thanks for all of it folks, you have no idea how much it means to me.

And, if anyone is looking to give me a present for Christmas… Amazon reviews of my books are fine! 🙂


So I wish all of you – my readers, followers, likers, subscribers, PM-ers, emailers, messagers, whatsappers and anyone I’ve blasted to bits in Elite – a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you all in 2016.



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