Shadeward: Exoneration availability update

Jul 4, 2016

Exoneration MediumToday is an important day for fans of my Shadeward Saga. Book 2 ‘Exoneration’ has gone to the typesetters and we now have a firm timescale for its release. Yes, we have dates!

Exoneration will be released in multiple formats. Initially it is going to be made available as an ebook, with paperback and hardback editions to follow.

The hardback and paperback editions are going to be launched at FantastiCon on the 19th and 20th of November.

The ebook version will be available beforehand however. We could have just chosen a random date, but this is not our way. 🙂

In book one events were building up, implying that something very dramatic was about to happen to the star in the Lacaille system, an event that would have serious ramifications for the inhabitants of Esurio.

Here on Earth, we’ve had experience of something similar that I used as early inspiration for the Shadeward story. To give you a tease of what is about to unfold in Exoneration, we have chosen a historical date to give a little context.

Back in 1859, the Earth was hit by the strongest solar storm ever recorded. Known as the ‘Carrington Event‘, a massive coronal mass ejection hit the Earth’s magnetosphere and generated the largest geomagnetic storm on record.

Shadeward is inspired by real science and real events.

Telegraph systems of the time overloaded and even gave some of the operators electric shocks. Electrical pylons threw sparks. Aurorae were seen all over the world, with some so bright that people mistook it for dawn.

In that pre-electronic age it was a curiosity and an enigma. Today it would be disastrous. It has been calculated (by the company I work for in fact, Lloyd’s of London) that if a similar event happened in our modern day technology dependant world, the damage caused might cost up to £2.6 Trillion to remedy.

And all this happened on September the 1st in 1859.

So, 157 years later, what better day than to launch the ebook version of Shadeward: Exoneration? The Lacaille system is very different to ours, and the star in question a different beast to our placid sun.

What happens?

You’ll find out in Shadeward: Exoneration, from the 1st of September, 2016.

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