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Nov 14, 2018

I’ve been rather busy!

There’s a surprising amount of work involved in leaving work. I’ve had to write up a bunch of detailed handover notes for my successor at Lloyd’s, and it’s quite surprising how much you actually know and do, which all has to be documented and training provided. Still, I’m getting there – only another two and a half weeks to ago now before I’m ‘out of work’.

That is, in the traditional sense. I’ll be a freelancer, plying the uncharted waters of self-employment with only my own expertise to rely on. Gulp. 😉 Somehow I suspect I may be busier than I was before…

I do have a plan though, and that plan is full of books and audio. You can see the detail on my ‘Work In Progress‘ Page.

Placeholder cover for Shadeward Enervation

The first highlight though, is the long-awaited (and sorry about that!) 3rd installment in my ‘Shadeward’ series.

Set on the tidally locked exoplanet Esurio in the starsystem of Lacaille 9352, book 3 “Enervation” picks up the action right after we left our characters in book 2 “Exoneration”.

Zoella, Meru and the crew of the Mobilis have fled Drem just as the priestesses of Drayden have invaded it. Kiri has learnt many secrets and is plotting her own schemes. All the while the planet itself is becoming more and more unstable as Lacaille’s flares worsen.

In book 3 the situation deteriorates further, and the ambitions of the antagonists becoming even more conflicted. The major characters you know will grow in new (and sometimes surprising) directions. Major revelations about the strange past of the planet are revealed and the scene is set for book 4, which will close off this particular series, but open up even greater mysteries for the upcoming expanded Shadeward universe.

Contracts are signed up for book 3, so writing (which is already reasonably advanced) will build apace before long (pesky day job!). Book 3 is currently due in May 2019.

Audio rig is prepped and tested.

I’ve also been working hard on prepping my audio rig. PC and all the associated hardware is now built, tested and working well. For the technical amongst you, this comprises a Win 10 PC with a low latency SSD, a phantom powered Audio Technics AT2020 microphone, sound baffle, a Sony amp and a pair of Tannoy bookshelf speakers (ideally these would be monitor speakers, but I had them spare and couldn’t really justify the extra expense at this point). An old Nexus tablet has been repurposed as a prompt, which avoids the ‘rustling paper’ problem.

The first audiobook out (April 2019) will be Shadeward 1 “Emanation”, quickly followed by the more recent “Lords of Midnight”.

Study is nearing completion.

Overall, my study is pretty much complete, I just need to clean it up a bit ensure everything is as quiet as possible. Fortunately the furniture is already pretty stable and solid, but it is a amazing how much noise you’re aware of when you try to record. My initial tests picked up the fridge in the kitchen below, the washing machine (on fast spin) in the utility room… and also a massive great helicopter that decided to fly overhead at exactly the wrong moment!

I am fortunate that I live in a cul-de-sac, so passing traffic noise is minimal, however people do seem to want to mow lawns and saw things in half at the most inconvenient times! 😉

The original Doomdark’s Revenge game on the ZX Spectrum.

In other news I’m prepping my next novel in collaboration with Chris Wild. Doomdark’s Revenge will be worked on immediately after Shadeward 3, and is currently due for launch around August 2019. I’m looking forward to this one immensely as it will be rather more ‘free’ in the lore sense than the original “Lords of Midnight” which was somewhat shackled to its origins as a Tolkien pastiche. With Doomdark’s Revenge we will pick up the story of Luxor, Morkin and Rorthron, but with an additional focus on Tarithel who has a much more significant role to play in this second story.

Shareth is the new antagonist of Doomdark’s Revenge.

They all face off against the sorceress Shareth the Heartstealer, the ruler of the northern Icemark and daughter of Doomdark himself. All of which promises to be another excellent and exciting story!

I’m also going to be expanding my twitch streaming presence with the extra time I have. Just the other day I qualified for their ‘affiliate’ programme, and I’m planning some additional streams in and around the world of writing. I’ll also be doing some gaming too, as first I need to relearn Doomdark’s Revenge. There may be some other stuff in there too, so stay tuned over at

There are also a few other irons in the fire, biding their time for now. More on those when I have some progress to report.

Don’t forget that you can also sign up my newsletter, which I plan to publish about once a month from next year.

So, a few more weeks and the new career will be full-time. Not long now!


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