Reclamation Reviewed

Jun 20, 2014

The cover of Elite: Reclamation

The cover of Elite: Reclamation

The first reviews of Elite: Reclamation are in and it would seem based on the feedback so far, that I ‘hit the spot’ with my book! 18 positive reviews in the first two weeks.

I worked hard to trying to make this story a ‘definitive’ tale of the Elite: Dangerous universe and it seems to have gone down well.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a few of my favourite excerpts from the reviews thus far received – after 18 months it is so very heartening to see folk enjoying this story, commenting on the characters, the political scheming, the plot and the nods to Elite itself.

If you still haven’t left a review – and they are all hugely hugely appreciated as they’re pretty much the biggest payback an author can have after publishing a book – please do consider writing one. It would mean a lot to me, both on Amazon and on Goodreads (or even better – both!)

Here are my picks so far:

I am a huge fan of the Culture novels by Iain M. Banks and the work of Michael Cobley, so this for me had an awful lot to live up to if I am honest. I needn’t have worried because this is an absolute belter of a space opera.

A beautifully crafted story with real characters. I couldn’t help but get drawn into their world. I saw the beauty of the Prism system and cried ‘foul’ over the political shenanigans that threatened it. And what an amazing and original heroine!

The characters are engaging and interesting … their motivations may not always be immediately clear, but they’re always believable, specially with hindsight.

If cliffhangers were coat hangers then this tale would need a walk-in wardrobe to hold them all!

This cast is then involved in a complicated and yet beautifully choreographed dance through the stars.

Drew seems to have mastered the ability to carry the reader through and into the story, so that you feel part of it. He is definitely one of today’s best writers in this genre.

All I can say is WOW! The story is nicely paced with well fleshed out characters and great descriptions. You can easily believe that this was written by a better known author by the quality of the writing.

The story starts of at a pace and gets faster and faster until your reading at 100mph wanting to know the result of the next interaction between the characters.

It’s a great start and thanks for all your kind words folks. As more come in I’ll highlight them here too.

So – in other news? Well, prep for LaveCon and Fantasticon continues. There’ll be a new trailer for the release of the book for starters – to be shown at LaveCon in the first instance.

All the other formats of the book will be launched at Fantasticon in August – so that is going to be very exciting indeed. Can’t wait to meet you folks at the conventions.

I’m also considering a sequel. I have the seed of an idea and this has already been shared with Dan at FBP who heartily approves. Frontier has indicated they’re not considering further licensing at the moment, but if anything changes I will let you know.

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