Ouch! Writers’ block can be painful!

Feb 20, 2015

Not your traditional writers' block...

Not your traditional writers’ block…

Just a short update – because I’ve run into a bit of a problem and can’t really type. 🙁 Cue spontaneous sympathy everyone!

I have managed to get Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in my left hand, apparently from too much typing – you see, sacrifice really is involved in the writing of a book. (I also blame the Elite: Reclamation post cards my publisher has been making me sign)

There’s not much I can do but rest it unfortunately, though I’m taking some Ibuprofen to ease the pain and reduce swelling.

It’s put a bit of a crimp in my writing – basically I’m trying to avoid typing for a bit – so bashing this out one handed – which is an exercise in frustration more than anything else.

It’s especially annoying as I was making excellent progress on Shadeward. Ho hum. I’m not worried about it as I am rapidly closing in on a first draft, I’d given myself until May to get that done and I’m easily 3 weeks ahead of schedule now. I’ve solved all the minor plot issues that were bugging me – the story is unfolding nicely. Editing is already underway.

Hopefully back to normal soon!

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