Jun 13, 2016

Fantastic Books

Fantastic Books

It is with some relief that I can report that the legal undertakings against Fantastic Books have come to a conclusion. Dan Grubb, CEO, has provided an update on the details.

The law has been upheld, as it should be.

As has been observed by many before, not least by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr (1841-1935), we have “… a court of law, not a court of justice.” Even Charles Dickens’ knew this to be true, as observed by Mr. Bumble’s tirade in Oliver Twist – “The law is an ass – a idiot.”

The other authors who did not pursue legal action to recover ‘royalties’ from the ‘Official Elite fiction Release in audio and print format’ kickstarter, are now able to proceed with new projects in the knowledge that FBP, whilst severely financially damaged by the proceedings, remains viable and can return to its mission of bringing new and exciting written, audio and drama based projects to the community that formed around them.

Both my upcoming Shadeward novel and the new project I am working on will be ‘Fantastic Books’ productions and I expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.

In fact, due to the extreme generosity of that same community, some of the financial damage to FBP that has resulted from this affair is already being mitigated. Offers of help and assistance with the delivery of the various box-set pledge awards have also flooded in; the community never fails to impress with their resolve.

Such incidents have ramifications of course and choices have to be made. I am looking forward to bringing two exclusive readings with me to the next convention I attend, which will be FantastiCon on the weekend of November 19/20 at the KC Stadium in Hull. I hope to see many of you there. Stay tuned for details.

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