New Website!

Sep 19, 2020

Just a rather short blog update!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been revising my website! This was a fairly major job, requiring an upgrade of PHP, SQL, exporting/importing and then a new theme mechanism, various tweaks and a new look and feel. All this has allowed me to integrate a bunch of new functionality and there are some more bits and pieces to come.

I have brought back all the previous blog entries from the old site, but I’m not going to go through nearly 400 of the wretched things to reformat them for the new look and feel, so a retrospective through those older articles may through up a bit of visual oddity for which I apologize, at least the content will be there! I intend to do some more blogging on progress and the new content will fit better.

So this blog post is a bit of test. If you’ve read this, it would appear that the upgrade was successful!

More content is coming soon.

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