Merry Christmas, Commanders!

Dec 24, 2013


Just a short post to wish you all well at this time of merriment! I hope you’ve enjoyed the process of bringing Elite:Reclamation to life this year, certainly I’ve enjoyed posting up my progress and having you comment and follow it.

I’ve been making tweaks to the book based on the Alpha and am looking forward to seeing more of the game. Still no sign of the starmap, so I will keep looking East and hoping for a sign in the heavens! 🙂

Our kickstarter for the audiobook, paperback and hardback copies goes well, but will reach what looks to be a nail biting finale come January the 1st. We’re currently at £22,000 (or 66%) with a 7 days to go. If you can help us out, I’d really appreciate it. Huge amounts of effort have, and will continue to be, put into this fiction for Elite:Dangerous. It will be awesome, fantastic and many other superlatives too!

I recorded some further Christmas merriment for the Kickstarter and for Lave Radio Episode 24, so keep an eye out for those this evening.

Otherwise, I wish you and your families a very merry Christmas, and look forward to a very exciting 2014 indeed! The first quarter of 2014 looks to be pretty frenetic Elite Fiction-wise, not withstanding the Alpha and Beta phases of the game. See you in the new year.

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