Lady Kahina and company return!

Sep 30, 2015

The Children of Raxxla are led by Salomé from Elite: Reclamation

The Children of Raxxla are led by Salomé from Elite: Reclamation

Sort of. 🙂

No, it’s not a new Elite book, sad to say. No news on that I’m afraid.

However, Frontier has allowed player groups to create minor factions associated with particular systems within the game. Two of these factions have asked whether they could use characters from my book as their figureheads.

I had previously said I didn’t want my characters to be used outside of my control, but I’ve changed my mind for two reasons.

1. Back then there seemed a reasonable chance of sequels being on the cards. It’s still unknown as to whether this might happen.

2. Players and fans wanted to be able to do something with the characters and I felt I was standing in the way, so I’m giving these creations (which the fans allowed me to create) back to the fans.

I thought it would be a great idea to allow fans of the characters to ‘adopt’ them and allow them to continue to be a part of the Elite story.

There’s a possibility, though it would require huge co-ordination and hard work, that they could rise to be ‘Powers’ in their own right.

As you know, Lady Kahina went ‘missing’ on Achenar, after her recent adventures, back in July. It transpires that she’s actually been rather busy, joining the player faction the ‘Children of Raxxla’. If you want to know what happened to her, you can read all about it on the faction website and in their excellent fan-fiction story describing how Kahina (acting as Salomé) meets the Commanders behind the faction.

They have some lofty ambitions as you can see, not least challenging the existing ‘Powers’.

New Powerplay

I’ll hand it to them, they’re ambitious! Time will tell if they’re successful.

They are actively recruiting Commanders to their cause, so if you fancy working for Kahina/Salomé, or are less than enamoured with the existing Power Play figures, then I suggest you make contact with the ‘Children of Raxxla’. These new factions will ‘go live’ in the next version of Elite: Dangerous.

I’ve also had a request for Ambassador Cuthrick and Admiral Brice to be a part of “Loren’s Legion”, a faction dedicated, amongst other things, to defending the Prism system. I’ll have more details on that one in a few weeks.

No likelihood of a sequel at present, but the characters live on.

No likelihood of a sequel at present, but the characters live on.

If there are other new factions who would potentially like an Elite: Reclamation character to act on their behalf please get in contact with me and discuss your needs. I have characters from the Federation who could act as a great antagonist for Ambassador Cuthrick (you’ll know who if you’ve read the book!)

Whilst it’s a shame that I can’t write any more official Elite Dangerous material for the obvious reasons at present, I’m delighted that fans and players care enough about my characters as to want to see them continue in the game. I wish these factions all the very best of luck with their quests, ambitions and objectives and look forward to seeing the ‘lore’ that the players themselves come up with.

It’s time for you to write on, Commanders!

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