Eclipse T-5 days : Kayaking

Aug 17, 2017

More of an outdoorsy sort of day today, without the big ‘site’ visits.

I had to get up early to get down to a place called Camp Verde. As the name suggests it’s very lush and green down here. After a long drive, partly off road towards the end I reached a potage point where I met up with a few other adventurous souls and embarked on a spot of kayaking down the Verde river.

We left the cars and drove 5 miles upstream and then kayaked back down to the cars over about two hours. It was an amazingly clear day with fine blue skies. The river looked (and was) very muddy, due to the previous week’s rain so I was told. Thus it was a little faster flowing than normal. We had inflatable kayaks, which were pretty sturdy and robust, but tricky to control as they have no keel and pretty much want to go in any direction other than straight ahead.

There were a few rapids (or to be more accurate they should be called ‘Brisks’) as they were fun enough to make you pay attention without giving any real scary moments. Mostly it was drifting down the river enjoying the sun, the butterflies (some huge ones!) birds and cicadas making noise in the trees. These are surprisingly loud when you’re not used to them and they seem to be able to synchronise when they start and stop en-masse in some peculiar way.

In the afternoon the jetlag caught up with me again and so I had a snooze when I got home, but not before I had a burger in one of the Sedona restaurants that overlooks the valley. They cool the veranda by jetting thin streams of water into the air, which evaporate before they get to the dinner tables, but keep the air surprisingly cool. Neat, if probably not very ‘green’, way of doing it.

Next up… I’m heading North now. Tomorrow’s blog will be from the Grand Canyon…

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