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Mar 29, 2013


Hiram Holroyd (Ted) Wagar, 1942-2013

Hiram Holroyd (Ted) Wagar, 1942-2013

My father passed away today. It wasn’t unexpected, he’d been ill for quite some time. He always supported me in my writing and was one of the first pledgers for Elite : Reclamation, despite knowing that he almost certainly would not live long enough to read the book. Sadly that’s turned out to be true.

I’ll be dedicating Elite : Reclamation to him. He got me started in Astronomy, Photography, Space and Computers (he built one in 1978 from scratch, long before the kits became available in the UK).

Edit March 2017. 

Nearly four years have gone since my father passed away, but the space-station I hoped would be present in the Elite Dangerous game is very much there. If you venture to the Prism system and head for the moon ‘Chione’, you’ll find a large station called ‘Hiram’s Anchorage’ in orbit.

I know my dad would have enjoyed this. If you venture there, raise a glass of Leestian Evil Juice, Commanders.

Hiram’s Anchorage in the Prism system. Image by Commander Guy Driggers.

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