First Kickstarter pledge awards coming!

May 2, 2014

Pledgers' Edition of "Written in the Stars."

Pledgers’ Edition of “Written in the Stars.”

It’s great to be able to finally announce something, so with no further ado, and after 17 months of work, here comes the first of my original kickstarter pledge awards!

For those of you who supported me at the £8 level or higher, which is 248 of you, on Friday the 9th of May you’ll be getting an email from me which will give you details on how to access to my short story “Written in the Stars”.

This will be available in multiple formats. PDF (For those of you on PC/Mac) Epub (for Nook and Generic Ebook Readers, works great for the Android Aldiko Reader), Mobi (For Amazon Kindle Devices) and LRF (for Sony devices). I’ve been through some extensive testing to make sure the book works in these formats – they all have their little foibles. That’s the good thing about standards… so many to choose from! 😉 Next week I’ll be doing as much device testing as I can. (At the moment the Sony version doesn’t seem to like copyright symbols and apostrophes.)

I’m not sure what is best for those of you on Apple devices, though I understand they can read Epub formats – can you import an ebook without using iTunes? Otherwise I may need to upload the story to iTunes/iBookstore. Perhaps if any Apple owners can advise – I’d be grateful as I don’t have a device to test this on!

If anyone has another device type or file format not listed, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

No DRM here.

The book is licensed to you as an individual and I’d like to humbly request that you don’t forward it on. There is no DRM here, but merely a request for respect of copyright and hard work. I talk about additional copies below.

The story is science fiction, and approximately 1,800 words in length. It’ll give you a taste of the style you’ll get with the full length Elite: Reclamation when it arrives. It’s not set in the Elite universe, my Frontier Developments license doesn’t allow it. For the idea I had, which came from a dream believe it or not, the Elite universe isn’t essential anyway.

This one is written in the first person, whereas Elite: Reclamation has been written in third person. It’s a narrative story, whereas Elite: Reclamation is obviously something of an epic.

As for the plot… you know by now. No spoilers. 😉

And what next?

For those at the £35 pledge level, the ‘Elite: Reclamation Official Guidebook’ will be next. Text for that is almost complete. I’m just awaiting the official cover art work from Fantastic Books and an ok from Frontier Developments before I can finish that task. This is currently an 88 page landscape A4 guide to Elite: Reclamation, with lots of unseen imagery and background detail that won’t be available elsewhere.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the reaction to some of this work, as it’s been languishing on my hard-drive for such a long time! It’s going to be great to get it out into the wild.

Thanks to you fine folks!

I do have a question though. I’ve already been asked many times whether these books (the short story and the guide) will be available to buy for those who missed the original kickstarter. There have also been requests from pledgers as to whether they can buy additional copies for friends and family. This will require the books to be available on ebook websites for purchase.

I’m conscious that these were Kickstarter pledge awards and that commands a level of exclusivity – hence they’ll be given to pledgers first and those copies will be marked as “Kickstarter Pledgers’ Edition” which will be exclusive to pledgers only.

In the case of the guide, I also need to check with Frontier as to whether this is allowed. Michael’s looking at that for me.

My question is whether pledgers would object to me making these books available to buy for others (effectively a non-exclusive second edition) after a period of time?

From my perspective it would be very much appreciated if I could as I can upload them to Amazon et al, and benefit from (hopefully positive!) reviews and continuing to raise my profile in advance of the retail release of Elite: Reclamation.

Kickstarter pledgers will be receiving a special edition of the books that specifically indicates that they backed Elite: Reclamation, with a unique cover and internal notes to this effect. The general release will have a different cover and lack the notes.

I’m planning to do this after an appropriate delay, to ensure that pledgers get the well deserved benefit of being the first to read and enjoy them. If any pledgers have an objection to this, please let me know.

Regardless, it’s going to be great to see the reaction to my work after all this time. This is the beginning of the end of my Kickstarter saga!

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