Farewell to 2020, but more is coming in 2021!

Dec 18, 2020

It’s rather difficult to come up with anything non-cliché about 2020, certainly it wasn’t the year any of us expected. Many have had to wrestle with drops in income, huge uncertainty and separation from their loved ones.

From my perspective it threw a large spanner in my plans, requiring a significant U-Turn in various ways. This impacted my book and recording schedule, but did through up quite a few new opportunities too. I’ve arranged two “tours” in the universe of Elite Dangerous and summarised some of the lore in a series of videos – they’ve been well received!

Elite Dangerous Lore Introduction - A definitive guide for new players -  YouTube

In short then, I didn’t make as much progress on my books as I wanted to. The Shadeward Saga was completed earlier this year and the final installment of Kiri, Zoella and Meru’s adventures seems to have been well received. I’ve also completed my first 4 book series, which is a milestone in itself, bringing my list of published full length novels to a total of 8.

I’ve been working through my back catalogue with a view to “audiofying” them all as well. So far 3 out 4 Shadeward books are done, the third reaching Audible in just the last few days. If you haven’t seen Shadeward Enervation yet in audiobook form, you can find it here! Part 4 will be recorded early in 2021 and hopefully be available by the Spring – and that finishes it complete!

The completed Shadeward Saga by Drew Wagar (A spoiler free overview) -  YouTube

I’m also planning to record the Lords of Midnight and make that available as an audiobook, so that will follow on from the Shadeward Saga.

I’ve also launched a “shop” for Shadeward merch (mugs, t-shirts and so on), so have a look here if that interests you. Amongst other things you can get a copy of the official Shadeward Map of Esurio, which is a definite help in navigating the stories!

Alongside that I have the current WIP book – Doomdark’s Revenge – apologies for the delay in this as it should have been done by now – my writing time has been trickier to manage in the pandemic and there have been many calls on my time. I recently hit 115k words and am getting close to a first draft. I’m aiming for a publication date of Spring 2021 for that too!

Doomdark's Revenge - Wikipedia

After that I can begin to get my head around my next great undertaking – the expanded Shadeward Universe, another series of books starting with the Hegira Hegemony (working title for the moment!). I’m really looking forward to that, but Doomdark’s will take priority until it’s finished.

So to finish up, thank you to everyone who has supported me in this bizarre year by buying books, following my streams, watching my youtube videos and listening to my audiobooks. It’s very much appreciated! More material is coming – as soon as I can create it. 2021 should be another year of new stories and adventures!

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