Fantasticon and #SciFiHour

Aug 8, 2014

The countdown continues! Apologies for radio silence last week but I self-enforced a de-tech whilst on holiday. It’s rather therapeutic.

Fantasticon is a mere week away as I type and, based on the strange noises emerging from the Hull zone, frenetic preparations are underway.

If you haven’t visited the website yet… what are you waiting for?

This is going to be a major event, partly due to the number of people coming, but also due to the fact that this is the official launch of the Fantastic Elite Fiction, of which Elite: Reclamation is one of five. This is the first time that the hardcopy versions of the books will be seen. I’m particularly looking forward to that because I haven’t seen them either!

I will be doing a reading as you might expect, but I’ve upped the ante a bit over my previous stuff at LaveCon with the help of some talented folks from the wider Elite community. My Fantasticon reading will be video and audio enhanced, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve had a lot of fun putting it together.

Signed Elite: Reclamation artwork will be in the Raffle.

Signed Elite: Reclamation artwork will be in the Raffle.

Alongside myself and Kate Russell will be present and we all hope to be busy signing books for pledgers and readers. I’ve been instructed to buy a special pen. I’ll also be bringing along some Elite: Reclamation signed artwork for the ‘Raffle Mountain’.

There will be live video feeds from some of the overseas authors and a chance to hear some excerpts from the audiobook adaptions. Elite Dangerous itself will be there too, alongside some of the new DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift. (I’m definitely bagsying a go on those!)

There’s a wider sci-fi and fantasy flavour with Doctor Who, a Dalek, and some of the other authors in the Fantastic stable being present. Frontier have indicated that they will be there too. Dave Hughes is going to running more of his fabulous Elite RPG sessions too.

For me, it’s the opportunity to talk to the fans and hear what they have to say about all the book projects which excites me the most. I’m looking forward to shaking you all by the hand and thanking you for the chance to write this book.

There’s something happening on-line too. Sci-Fi hour… I’ve pinched Kate’s explanation as she, as usual, has it nailed!

For those who don’t know about hashtag-hours, they run on Twitter and allow people from across the world to chat about what they have a passion for. We are very lucky that the person who owns the @scifihour twitter account is keen to support the Fantastic Books Elite authors, and so the very first ever #SciFiHour is being run to showcase our stories and give people the chance to chat about scifi, ask questions, and just generally getting into a SciFi inspired frenzy!

If you want to take part, have a look at .. it would be great if you could follow that account to show your support, and once the event starts at 21:00BST on 15/8, follow the hashtag #SciFiHour to join in… all you need to do is tag your own comments with the hashtag.

I’ll definite be on-line at the time, I’m planning to travel up to Fantasticon early on Saturday, so I shall be comfortably sitting in my study on Friday evening with a glass of something medicinal. If you’ve got questions for me or any of the other authors, please join in!

See you at Fantasticon

See you at Fantasticon on the 16th!

Thanks very much to all of you who have taken the trouble to write up reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s hugely appreciated by me and is a very tangible way of showing your appreciation for all the book projects. Reviews are absolute gold-dust for authors trying to promote their books as much as possible. If you’ve yet to write a review, please consider doing so – you’ll have our undying appreciation!

So, for those of you online and in person at Fantasticon – can’t wait to meet you all and, of course, “Right on, Commanders!”

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