Elite: Reclamation, the official guide

Aug 26, 2015

A year ago, I posted the final pledge awards from my Elite: Reclamation kickstarter. To cut a very long story short, I ran a Kickstarter in late 2012 to write a novel for the, then non-existent, but upcoming game, Elite: Dangerous.

One of those pledge levels promised pledgers an ‘Official Guidebook’, containing imagery and background detail on the book and an accompaniment to it. Those original pledgers have been in receipt of the guide for over a year now.

I did toy with the idea of putting it up on Amazon and the like, but it felt a little presumptuous to charge fans for something like this at this stage. Google has already made it available for those with strong enough google-fu, so rather than leave it at the mercy of the world’s favourite search engine I’m now making it generally available for free, direct from my website instead.

This ‘booklet’ (well, PDF – though feel free to print it if you wish) chronicles my journey from prior to the Kickstarter, through that bizarre turmoil to the finished product you’ve hopefully read. I will also demonstrate, I hope, the care and attention to detail that went into Elite: Reclamation, how, where and why I tried to pay homage to the original games, how the characters and environment came together.

It contains the artwork I used to inspire the characters (Kahina, Luko, Hassan and the rest) and some of the detailed planning I used to construct the book and the plot.

The possibility of sequels remains in the murky depths of rumour, so as a last overture (or perhaps the final chord) to the fans of Elite and Elite: Reclamation, here it is. Most of you will never have seen this before. I hope you enjoy it as it will be my last Elite blog entry until there is news from the Frontier.

We wrote on, Commanders.

Click for the Elite: Reclamation official guidebook.

Click for the Elite: Reclamation official guidebook.

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