Elite Reclamation Audiobook launches!

Jan 30, 2015

er_mock_newIt’s been a long time in the making, but after my writing and Toby Longworth’s remarkable voice acting, Chris Jarvis of the Radio Theatre Workshop has been weaving his audio magic over Elite Reclamation.

It’s finished, it’s amazing and it’s going to be available as a download, CD and USB stick tomorrow.

Join me outside Lave Station (in game in Elite: Dangerous) at 6pm on Saturday for the official launch, accompanied by Kate Russell and Dan Grubb and as many CMDRs as we can muster. If you can’t get into the game or don’t have it, tune into Kate’s twitch channel here > www.twitch.tv/kateclick . You can also join the pre-event ramblings on Facebook or Twitter.

For now though, I wanted to give  you, loyal fans and  followers of my Kickstarter from more than two years ago, the first public outing of the audiobook. Many of you petitioned me to create an audiobook during and after LaveCon 2013. I never thought it would end up like this. It’s an amazing piece of production and I’m 100% you’re going to love it. I was entranced listening to it myself, it feels like a completely different story in this format.

Toby Longworth

For those not in the know. Toby Longworth is a well known in Sci-Fi and his talents have been used in Star Wars and Dr. Who. To have such a colossus read my story is remarkable in itself. Not only this, but the audiobook has the genuine soundscape from the game Elite Dangerous by kind permission of Frontier Developments, which puts you right into the action.

In short you are in for a real treat.

Huge thanks go Chris Jarvis’ for his untold hours of slavery over a hot keyboard, Michael Brookes and the team at Frontier Developments for the soundscape and, of course, Dan and Gabi Grubb at Fantastic Books for this mad, crazy and utterly wonderful idea – Full audio, characterised and professionally produced audio books. Right on, Commanders!

To set the scene, this is from Chapter Three. I’ve chosen a scene which reflect all the aspects of the audio production I’ve mentioned above. A Imperial Clipper, the Caduceus, with a precious top secret cargo is about to enter hyperspace…

So, with no further a do, I present a teaser from Elite Reclamation, the audiobook.

Hope to see you in the void on Saturday evening at 6pm, Commanders! Right on!

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